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ChemaWEyaat to tender FEED on Tacaamol Aromatics Project

Abu Dhabi Chemical Company sets Tacaamol phase 1

Abu Dhabi Chemical Company (ChemaWeyaat) is planning to call for tender before the end of the year for the front end engineering and design (FEED) of the Tacaamol Aromatics project.

Tacaamol is a joint venture between between ChemaWEaat and Abu Dhabi sovereign fund International Petroleum Investment Company (IPIC).

In the Tacaamol joint venture, ChemaWEaat and IPIC share working interest with:

 – ChemaWEyaat 51%, is the operator

 – IPIC 49%

Originally expected to be developed in one phase of $25 billion capital expenditure, the Tacaamol project had the be scaled down to remain manageable and has been split in three phases.

With capital expenditure estimated around $10 billion, the phase 1 should include the Tacaamol Aromatics Project and the Madeenat ChemaWEyaat Al Gharbia (MCAG) project.

Abu Dhabi Emirates is considering this giant project as a strategic initiative to reduce its reliance on the crude oil market and to diversify its economy on the downstream side along the hydrocarbon value chain.

Abu Dhabi is the fourth largest crude oil and gas producer in the GCC countries and is planning to ramp up its production to meet its 2017 quotas such as allocated by the OPEC organization of the oil producing countries.

In this context, Abu Dhabi will have sufficient resources to cope with the global oil increasing demand and feed one of the largest petrochemical complex in the world.

The Tacaamol project should be located in the Chemicals Industrial City of the Madeenat ChemaWEyaat Al Gharbia in the western region of Abu Dhabi.

In this Chemical Industrial City, 70 square kilometer have been reserved close to the Takreer Ruwais refinery to supply the feedstock.

In respect with the size of the project, ChemaWEyaat is planning to proceed by phases where the phase 1 should include the Tacaamol Aromatics project and the Madeenat ChemaWEyaat Al Gharbia (MCAG) project.

The MCAG project is to accomodate the 70 square kilometer of the Tacaamol project and to provide with all the infrastructures of required for the Aromatics plant.

The MCAG will include the:

 – Export storage tanks farm

 – Jetty

 – Loading berths

ChemaWEyaat and IPIC are planning the completion of the Taccamol Aromatics project for commercial operations in 2016.

Foster Wheeler won PMC for Tacaamol Aromatics

From the conceptual study, Tacaamol should include one of the world largest reformers designed to:

 – Process 6 million t/d of naphtha delivered by pipeline from Takreer 280,000 b/d Ruwais refinery

 – Produce 7 millions t/d of petrochemical products (Olefins such asPropylene, Ethylene, LDPE, LLDPE, Aromatics, Ammonia, and all the corresponding derivatives)

Regarding the Tacaamol phase 1 of the project, the Aromatics complex should convert 3 million t/y of naphtha into:

 – Benzene

 – Paraxylene

 – Mixed Xylenes

 – Cumeme

 – Phenol

 On April 2012, ChemaWEyaat awarded the Project Management ConsultancyPMC) contract to Foster Wheeler.

According to the terms of this PMC contract, Foster Wheeler will provide ChemaWEyaat with PMC services for the front end engineering and design (FEED) of the Tacaamol phase 1 covering the Aromatics complex and the infrastructures (MCAG).

The contract includes an option by which ChemaWEyaat would expand the PMC services contract to Fosther Wheeler for the engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) work to be executed on Tacaamol Aromatics Phase 1. 

Originally planned come on stream in 2014, the Tacaamol Aromatics phase 1 project had to face some delays due to its complexity and its size but now ChemaWEyaat, with Foster WHeeler support is ready to call for tender on the FEED work before the end of the year for the project completion in 2016.

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