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Polypropylene is a thermoplastic material resulting from the polymerization of the propylene by catalysts.

Polypropylene may also be called Polypropene.

Polypropylene is usually represented by PP.


Polypropylene belongs to the olefins family as a polyolefins together with the Polyethylene.

The Polypropylene is a polymer produced from the propylene monomer by catalytic polymerization.

Because of its balanced crystalline molecular structure, the Polypropylene offers a good stability and mechanical resistance especially to abrasion for a light weight.

Polypropylene is naturally translucent and hydrophobic.

Being a hard material but with some flexibility, the Polypropylene many be used in many applications and forms.

Injection grade Polypropylene is one of the most common plastic material to produce parts for the car industry, especially chock absorbers, gas tanks  and most of the dressing parts within the car.

To increase its resistance, the Polypropylene will be mixed with glass fibers or carbon fibers.

The Polypropylene is also well appreciated in the food industry for packaging because of its tolerance with grease such as butter for example.

In this injection grade form, Polypropylene offers the additional advantage to be easy and cheap to recycle.

The other form mostly used of Polypropylene is under film grade.

Polypropylene film finds many applications in packaging, but also in furniture dressing, and professional clothes as offering good protection to people working in hospital and any hazardous environment.

Under this film form, the Polypropylene is easy to print but very difficult to recycle.

For these reasons, some countries like Australia, Mexico or Israel have already used to print bank notes.

We can also find Polypropylene in the building sector as an adjuvant to the concrete to help its stability while drying and eliminates small cracks.

Despite all its qualities, the Polypropylene is sensitive to the low temperatures, and sun rays

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