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Project Smart Explorer

The Oil & Gas and Petrochemical market is driven by massive investments, more than $500 billions, to be spent in more than 2000 projects all over the World.

Each one of these projects may take years to be executed and involve multiple key players, among the End Users, the Engineering companies, the Manufacturers, the Distributors and Services providers. To help these actors to find their way and improve their performances along a global and complex supply chain,  2B1st Consulting has taken as first mission to develop a unique tool trade marked as  “Project Smart Explorer”.

The intention is to focus on the 1000 biggest projects of the Oil & Gas and Petrochemical industry and to provide descriptive information and data about these projects.

“Project Smart Explorer “ is unique in two aspects:

Project Smart Explorer

1.  It shows a prospective view of the demand side with the capability to be sorted out and edit reports according to multiple criteria to play proactive

2.  It calculates through an expert software a budgetary estimation of the content of each project regarding the electrical, instrumentation and mechanical equipment to be purchased to increase your hit rate and save your costs.

As a result “Project Smart Explorer” will be able to tell for each project:

  1. Who is involved
  2. Where the decisions take place
  3. When the procurement should happen
  4. How much represents the estimated budget of each business opportunity
  5. What are the key requirements if any

In conclusion, the benefit of “Project Smart Explorer” is to help the key players to make a documented “go – no go” decision at the earliest stage of the projects and to lead the pursuit always with a step ahead.

Of course we are working hard to develop and test this tool, so that we are planning to put it on line in July this year. In the mean time, we shall be very pleased to share some of these information with this blog in this section “One Day – One Project”.

Your comments and suggestions will be highly appreciated.

Remark: “Project Smart Explorer” is covered by a trade mark.

For more information and data about oil and gas and petrochemical projects go to Project Smart Explorer


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