About Us


Creating Smart Solutions for Industrials Intelligence


2B1st Consulting is a family company designing, engineering, and operating digital solutions for industrials to work more efficiently.

Based in the Alps, 2B1st Consulting is headquartered in Chamonix-Mont-Blanc at the boarders between France, Italy and Switzerland. The company digital factory is implanted nearby in Annecy (France) to integrate all its development activities.

Back in early 2010s while being VP Oil&Gas for a world known Swiss Automation firm, our founder J.C. Guilhem was looking for an efficient way to trace this broad market and drive his team with foresight. Unable to find the proper solution, he decided to leave his position and create a tool easing the Oil&Gas market to let entities adopt a pro-active business development approach.


Business Intelligence for Oil & Gas and Petrochemical

pseFounded in 2012 from this impulse, the first solution edited by 2B1st Consulting www.projectsmartexplorer.com, has been the result of a reverse engineering work conducted by several expert of the energy sector. Evaluating the 1000 most active projects of the Oil&Gas and Petrochemical industry, Project Smart Explorer facilitates the market by offering a full transparency.


Tracing projects from early phase, users detect all the trends and opportunities on the market upfront, not to undergo but lead the project pursuit. Business teams become pro-active and select the projects to chase matching with the company’s expertise. Working differently, entities becomes more efficient and successful at the same cost thanks to business intelligence.


See Beyond, Move First

Our motto “See Beyond, Move First”, which is directly applied by our clients using www.projectsmartexplorer.com is core to the company DNA. Always kind sharing knowledge, 2B1st is participating in many non-profit organizations (PCIC, Nuclear Valley, RACE, GICAN, GIFEN, etc) across France, Europe, and Middle East publishing white papers and running presentations among different industries like Oil&Gas, Nuclear or Marine.


Mostly publishing about new technologies and digital ways of working, attending these many events allow our people to stay up to date on cutting edge technologies in our industries. Empowering 2B1st people to deliver the best solutions to our clients.


Activate your Collective Intelligence

logo_industrie-4-0-smart-platform-sans_baseline-hdThanks to its involvement in technical committees, 2B1st was also part since 2014 in the standardization of digital technologies for the Oil&Gas sector under the umbrella of the German initiative “Industrie 4.0”. Working on Internet of Things (IoT) standards governing how objects should communicate together led us to replicate this technology to administrate the communication between people, having in mind people need to be connected before their objects. Here was the birth of our second solution: www.industrie4.0smartplatform.com, the first platform to work in collaborative mode.

Offering an intuitive and secured process to convert partnerships into successful collaborative initiatives, Industrie 4.0 Smart Platform enables companies to work together while protecting their intellectual property. Its unique capacity to group in one tool all the crucial functionalities of collaborative processes paired with imbedded agile methods, make this platform the easiest and most efficient way to adopt a data centric approach and activate the collective intelligence of partners.


In today context, where most of digital technologies are available but companies are still struggling to implement digitalization in practice, we designed our solutions to be used without training or set-up to secure a path toward tangible value creation in business development and collaborative innovation.