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Welcome to 2B1st Consulting website. Our goal is to facilitate your digital transition in the energy sector through the development of digital solutions.                              2B1st Consulting combines Industrie 4.0 specialists and experts from energy industries, such as Oil & Gas, to develop digital applications boosting business development and collaborative innovation. Since 2012 the success of our solutions is based on simplicity and agility.                                                        --- See Beyond --- refers the agility provide by our solution www.projectsmartexplorer.com to detect the best opportunities, play proactive and increase your hit rate.                                                 --- Move First --- encourages you to become the innovation leader and convert ideas into successes while protecting your intellectual property with our collaborative platform Industrie 4.0 Smart Platform®

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Oil & Gas and Petrochemical Market Outlook on Q3 2020

Oct. 15 - 2020

The 9 Months 2020 Market Stands Robust vs 12/2019 Surprisingly, the Oil & Gas and Petrochemical Market stands robust after 9...

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Solar Photovoltaic

Jul. 29 - 2020

Definition The Solar Photovoltaic concept for energy is the conversion of natural or artificial lights into electricity. The photon, which is the...

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Project Smart Explorer is turning Green

Jul. 08 - 2020

You read the title right. Today is the day our database www.ProjectSmartExplorer.com is evolving to cover a whole new scope...

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