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Definition: Olefin” is the common name given by the “Petrochemical” industry  to the Alkene chemical products. The “Olefins” are classified in two families, the:

  • Monoolefins“, such as the “Ethylene” and “Propylene
  • Diolefins“, such as the “Butadiene” and the “Isoprene

Comments: As we can see from the diagram above, the “Olefins” may be produced through a steam”Cracker” either from Oil with “Naphtha“, either from Gas such as “Ethane“, “Propane” or “Butanes“. 

Regarding the applications, the “Olefins” are all over our daily life and much more well known under famous registered trade marks such as Tyvek® by DuPont®, Thinsulate® by 3M® and Duraguard® by Kimberly-Clark for wear, clothing, car and furniture, truck liners, indoor/outdoor carpeting, wallpaper/wallcoverings, bedding construction, synthetic rubber and ropes. “Olefins” are also used in cigarette filters and diapers. 

Olefins” are the cornerstone of the “Petrochemical” industry and therefore concentrate massive capital expenditures from the Oil & Gas producing countries because they have easy access to the feed stock, and from the consuming countries because they are closed to the market.

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