Shale gas and cash race

On February 27th the gas price in North America reached a new low at $2.57 per million btu with all chances to stay below $3 for a while. In dividing the gas price by four since its peak at $13.5 per million btu in July 2008, the massive development of the shale gas is not …

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TNK-BP Arctic Investments

TNK-BP is planning to invest $4 billion during the next three years to develop Arctic oil and gas fields. The intention is to compensate the natural decline of production from the aged Russian fields. “TNK-BP is developing four oil fields in Northern Russia’s Yamal region with first oil planned in 2016 and production to reach …

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Good perspectives for the Saudi petrochemical companies

According to the last financial study released by Al-Rajhi Capital, the growth forecast of the Saudi Arabian petrochemical companies is healthy, despite lingering uncertainties in the global economies. Because of their diversified activities, companies like SABIC or TASNEE should not be impacted by the feedstock costs increase in 2013 as could be the “pure-play producers”. …

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Shell sustainable growth

For 2011, Shell reported $470 billion revenues and $37 billion in free cash flow, well supported by an average price of the barrel over $100 and a shift in the gas market toward countries with higher added value. Today the gas business represents more than 50% of Shell revenues. With a cash flow expected to …

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