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Project Smart Explorer goes live

The First Online and Smart sales pursuit tools to trace Oil and Gas and Petrochemical projects

 2B1st Consulting’s team of experts developed Project Smart Explorer as the first sales pursuit tool to trace and scan online the largest projects of the chemical, oil and gas industry in the world.

Focusing on the electrical, instrumentation and mechanical equipment, we selected more than 200 projects to begin with as they represent more than:

 – $ 500 billion capital expenditure

 – $40 billion business opportunities for electrical, instrumentation and mechanical products and systems

 – 150 End Users and Stakeholders involved

Project Smart Explorer information and data are updated on a weekly base. 

Project Smart Explorer shows you the supply chain

To do so 2B1st Consulting is chasing the most significant active projects and trace their supply chain to give you the details about the:

 – End Users, Key Stakeholders and the operator of the project

 – Engineering companies in charge of the front end engineering and design (FEED)

 – Engineering companies appointed as project management consultant (PMC), if any

 – Engineering companies being awarded the engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contracts

For each one of these companies, you will find where they perform their respective tasks and when the decision should be taken.

Therefore you can focus on a single project or proceed to a selection of projects by:

 – End User such as ExxonMobil, Shell, Saudi Aramco or Petronas

 – Engineering company such as Fluor, Hyundai or Technip 

 – Project site country where the project will be installed

 – Engineering companies country where the orders are placed

Illustrated by a Google map, Project Smart Explorer helps you to trace each project at your convenience.

Project Smart Explorer scans all applications for you

Within the oil and gas and petrochemical industry we trace more than 300 applications from well to wheel

As these applications may carry different levels of opportunities for your business you can select projects in:

 – Upstream Onshore and Offshore such as oil and gas drilling rigs, LNG plant, Compression Station, FPSO, FLNG, Platforms, 

 – Midstream such as Pipelines, Terminals, Storage facilities

 – Downstream such as Refineries, Ethylene crackers, Polyethylene, Aromatics, all types of Derivatives, Fertilizers

Based on facts and figures, Project Smart Explorer can guide you on the applications offering the best opportunities for your business

Project Smart Explorer posts $40 billion opportunities

Using the reverse engineering techniques, our expert system analyzes the content of each project according to 50 products lines to calculate the Smart data of each project.

These Smart data are to reflect the budget estimation of one product or system package as its should be called for bid by the end users or the engineering companies on due time.

Beyond the technical aspects of the project, Project Smart Explorer integrates in its expert system additional parameters such as the:

 – Project site country

 – Regulations and standards

 – Customers specifications

 – Sourcing strategy

Going through Project Smart Explorer expert system, the 50 product lines cover: 

 – Electrical products and systems

 – Instrumentation, automation and telecommunications packages and services

 – Mechanical power related equipment

With Project Smart Explorer you can select one or several product lines and trace solely the business opportunities related to your activity.

Project Smart Explorer delivers you updated reports

After proceeding to the selection and purchase of your Smart data, you can download the report providing you with the:

 – Map of your projects

 – Your selection of opportunities compared with the full potential of your project

 – Your business pipeline for the coming years

 – Project fact sheet with key facts and figures related to your selection

 – Documented information about the context and status of each project

Together with the report you can subscribe to an update for a period of three, six or twelve months.

Benefit from three months subscription free now!

In practice it means that in buying your report now you will be able to update it for free during three months including all the new projects input in Project Smart Explorer in the meantime and matching with the selection of your report.

Project Smart Explorer boosts your business

With all this information, Project Smart Explorer intends to improve your marketing and sales performances as it helps you to:

 – Target your projects with a “go – no go” decision made at the earliest stage

 – Increase your hit rate as you do not quote for hope anymore but you can lead the project pursuit

 – Consolidate your margins as you play pro-active all along the pursuit

 – Benefit from the last call in response to your previous specification work

With its features and deliverables, Project Smart Explorer is developed to help you to

See Beyond and Move First

 2B1st Consulting wishes you a great success in the never ending oil and gas and petrochemical business.


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