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One Day – One Country: Iraq

Iraq Key projects and Business Highlights 2014

After the licenses rounds in 2009 and 2010 to award the development of the major oil and gas fields in Iraq all the winning companies such as BP, ExxonMobil, Shell, Petronas, Gazprom, Lukoil, China National Petroleum Company (CNPC or PetroChina), Sinopec,TPAO or Total spent a couple of years to carry out the front end engineering and design (FEED) work of these $ multi-billion capital expenditure projects.

Shell-Petronas-SOC_Foster-Wheeler-Kentz_Majnoon_Full-field-Development_MapIn doing so most of them realized that the basis of the Technical Engineering Services (TES) agreement they signed with Bagdad Government should return a poor remuneration in compensation of their investments.

In addition, it also appears that the national oil companies (NOCs) such as Midland Oil Company (Midland Oil), South Oil Company (SOC) met some delays in developing the infrastructures required to export the oil and gas that should be produced by the international oil company (IOCs)  in respect with their TES agreement.

In this context, most of these IOCs put on hold their investments and started to renegotiate the remuneration fees of their TES contract.

At the end of 2013 most of these TES agreements has been revised giving the signal to trigger series of major oil and gas projects upstream and midstream.  

TPAO and Kuwait Energy to award Iraq Mansuriya

TPOA_KBR_Iraq_Mansuriya_Gas_Processing_PlantThe Houston-based engineering company KBR is currently completing the front end engineering and design (FEED) for the gas treatment facilities to be built at the Mansuriya gas field in the Diyala region of East Iraq by a joint venture led by Turkish Petroleum Corporation (TPAO), through its subsidiary Turkish Petroleum Overseas Company (TPOC), in partnership with the local Midland Oil Company (Midland Oil),  Kuwait Energy Corporation (KEC), the Korean Gas Corporation (Kogas).

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SOC Common Seawater Supply Project at bidding stage

South-Oil-Company_CH2MHill_Iraq_Common-Seawater-Supply-ProjectThe state-owned South Oil Company (SOC) is currently evaluating the offers for the giant Common Seawater Supply Project (CSSP) to be built in the south of Iraq to provide all the water required by the exploration and production of the oil and gas fields in the Basra Province. The south of Iraq is well-known for its concentration of oil and gas fields classified among the largest in the world.

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Shell and Petronas gear up in Majnoon Full Field Field

Shell-Petronas-SOC_Majnoon_Foster-Wheeler-Kentz_Full_Field_DevelopmentThe international oil company (IOC) Royal Dutch-Shell (Shell) and its partners, the Malaysia national oil company (NOC) Petronas and the local South Oil Company (SOC or South Oil)) are making major decision to gear up from the previous start-up phase to the full field development (FFD) of the giant Majnoon oil and gas field in the south of Iraq.

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Qaiwan tenders Iraq Bazian Refinery Expansion Phase-3

Qaiwan_Baizan-Refinery-Expansion-Project-Phase-3_BREP3_Technip_FEEDThe Dubai-based Qaiwan Global Energy DMCC (Qaiwan) Group has sent the call for bid (CFB) regarding the engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contract for its Bazian Refinery Expansion Project Phase-3 (BREP3) in the Kurdistan Province of IraqQaiwan and Bezhan Petrochemical  Corporation (BezhanPet) operate in Bazian one of the two refineries in the Kurdistan Province.

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