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Larsen & Toubro harvests Gas Compression projects in the Gulf

Larsen & Toubro wins Oman PDO Saih Rawl phase 2

>On August 27th 2012, Petroleum Development Oman LLC (PDO) awarded to Larsen & Toubro from India the engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contract for the Saih Rawl Depletion Compression Phase 2 (SRDC2) project.

Nine engineering companies were in competition to win this order of $235 million.

The Saih Rawl gas field is located in Center Oman where PDO started operations in 1991 with a large gas Central Processing Facility (CPF).

Then the natural gas is piped to the LNG Trains located at Qahlat for export and Sur Fertilizer plant.

After years of production the Saih Rawl gas field is maturing and losing a part of its natural pressure.

PDO invested $550 million in the Saih Rawl Depletion Compression phase 1 (SRDC1) project to boost Saih Rawl gas field in using the depletion compression process.

The depletion compression is reducing the back-pressure at the wellhead to boost the gas inlet pressure from 35 to 96 bar for export.

Anyway and despite the installation and commissioning of the Saih Rawl Depletion Compression phase 1 last year, the natural depletion of the Saih Rawl gas field continues so that the inlet pressure at the CPF should come down to 13 bar by 2015.

In that perspective PDO anticipates with Saih Rawl Depletion Compression phase 2 project.

In its EPC contract Larson & Toubro‘s scope of work includes:

 – 4 parallel compression trains of 76 MW for a total capacity of 30 million standard cubic meter per day (mmscmd) of gas

 – Modifications of the condensate handling system at the Saih Rawl CPF

 – Installation of a pair of inlet separators for a total capacity of 18 mmscmd

PDO and Larsen & Toubro are planning the completion of the Saih Rawl Depletion Compression phase 2 project in 2014.

Larsen & Toubro aims at Qatar Dolphin gas compression

Larsen & Toubro is one of the six engineering companies in competition for the Dolphin Energy Ltd (Dolphin) gas compression expansion project in Ras Laffan Indusrial City in Qatar.

Created in 1999, Dolphin is a joint venture based in Abu Dabi, UAE, between:

 – Mubadala, a wholly owned Abu Dhabi Government national oil company (NOC), 51%

 – Total from France 24.5%

 – Occidental Petroleum from USA 24.5%

If the Abu Dhabi Emirate is rich of oil, it is short of natural gas.

With a local natural gas demand increasing for power generation, gas injection and petrochemicals applications, Abu Dhabi created Dolphin Energy to treat and export natural gas from Qatar to the UAE.

In the agreement between Qatar and Abu Dhabi, the raw natural gas is processed in Ras Laffan Industrial City to produce:

 – Natural gas (methane) exported to the UAE

 – Ethane used as feedstock locally for the Ras Laffan petrochemical industry

 – other NGL such as propane and butane for international trading.

In 2007, JGC from Japan built up the first Dolphin gas compression facility with capacities of:

 – 110,000 b/d of condensate

 – 4,400 t/d of ethane

 – 2,800 t/d of propane

 – 1,800 t/d of butane

Now Dolphin is planning the expansion of the existing Ras Laffan gas central processing facility (CPF).

The expansion of Dolphin Ras Laffan gas CPF is supposed to include:

 – Gas compression facility of 1 billion cf/d additional capacity of natural gas

 – Upgrade Ras Laffan Dolphin utilities

 – Piping and hydraulic work

This expansion is to match with the available capacity of the 364 kilometer gas pipeline connecting Qatar to the UAE across the Arabian Gulf.

Designed and installed by Saipem in 2006 for a capacity of 3.2 billion cf/d of natural gas, the Dolphin gas pipeline is currently operated at 2 billion cf/d.

The Dolphin Ras Laffan gas compression project is to fill up the capacity of the Dolphin gas pipeline with this addition 1 billion cf/d expansion. 

With capital expenditure estimated around $250 million, Dolphin is planning the completion in 2015.

After winning the Lekhwair Gas Field Development project  and the Saih Rawl Depletion Compression phase 2 project, both from PDO, Larsen & Toubro is targeting the Dolphin gas compression expansion EPC contract against its main competitors Dodsal and Punj Llyod from India, GS engineering & Construction from South Korea, Saipem from Italy and Technip from France

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