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Saudi Aramco selects Shell technology for Jizan power plant

Jizan gasification process to increase scope of work 

2B1st_Project_Smart_Explorer_Sales_Pursuit_ToolSaudi Aramco selected Shell technology for the power plant to be part of the giant Jizan Refinery project on the southeast of Saudi Arabia.

Together with the refinery, the Jizan gazification project is the master piece of the development of this southern region of Saudi Arabia with the Jazan Economic City construction to include all type of manufacturing industries.

Located in Bish near Jizan (or Jazan), along the Red Sea, the Jizan Economic city will be erected far from any other infrastructures in the country, rising questions about costs and economical impact.

Saudi-Aramco_Jizan_Refinery_MapBut with the variety of its industrial activities in beginning with the production and export of energy and petrochemical products, the Jizan Industrial City will take a strategic position as allowing Saudi Arabia to export in parallel to the sensitive Strait of Hormuz.

Because of its solid experience in managing large and complex projects, Saudi Arabia Government mandated Saudi Aramco to include in the Jizan Refinery project some critical infrastructures and facilities to be shared across the whole Jizan Industrial City such as the export terminal and the power plant.

In April 2012, the Houston-based KBR and its local subsidiary Abdulhadi and Al-Moaibed Consulting Engineering Co. (AMCDE) completed the front end engineering and design (FEED) work.

From this FEED, the Jizan refinery shall be designed to treat 400,000 barrels per day (20 million t/y) of Arabian Heavy crude oil and Arabian Medium crude oil.

It will produce:

 – 75,000 b/d of gasoline

 – 100,000 to 160,000 b/d of ultra low sulfur diesel

 – 160,000 to 220,000 b/d of fuel oil

 – Aromatics with Benzene and Paraxylene

Benefiting from its General Engineering Services Plus (GES+) contract, KBR is also providing Saudi Aramco with project management consultancy services for the Jizan Refinery project.

Saudi Aramco awarded eight EPC packages in Jizan

KBR FEED work conclusions have split the Jizan Refinery project in 11 main packages for the engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) phase.

In November 2012, Saudi Aramco awarded eight EPC packages:

Saudi_Arabia_Jizan_Economic_City – Ali Al-Ajmi Group for the site preparation

 – Hanwha Engineering and Construction for the marine terminal

 – Hitachi Plant Corporation for the offsites and utilities packages

 – Hyundai Arabia for the sour water stripper unit and amine regeneration unit

 – JGC Corporation for the naphtha and aromatics (benzene and paraxylene) units

 – Petrofac Saudi Arabia for two tank farms packages for $1.4 billion

 – SK Engineering for the crude distillation and vacuum unit

 Tecnicas Reunidas for the hydrocracker and diesel hydrotreater packages

Among the few pending packages, stands the Jizan power plant for which Saudi Aramco is currently proceeding to the pre-qualification of the potential bidders.

From the conceptual study of the whole Jazan Industrial City project, the Jizan power plant should deliver 2,400 MW from which 500 MW should supply the Refinery and the remaining 1,900 MW should be distributed to the rest of the City.

Jizan Gasification Plant to integrate sulfur packages

In order to optimize energy efficiency Saudi Aramco selected the Shell Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC) technology.

To use 90,000 barrels per day of vacuum residue from the Refinery as feedstock, the processes of the Jizan Gasification plant are closer to petrochemical processes than conventional gas-fired or fuel-fired power plants.

Shell_IGCC_TechnologyIn addition to the electricity this Shell IGCC process will supply the refinery with hydrogen and the Jizan Industrial City with water.

Shell IGCC technology might be more expensive than conventional power generation plant but it generate lower emissions of CO2, sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and particulates than conventional power plants.

It also consumes less water, and produce only about half as much solid waste.

As Shell IGCC is combining refinery residues with oxygen to produce synthetis gas and power the turbines, Saudi Aramco is preparing tender for the oxygen package in parallel to the refinery. 

But it is still unclear if it will be an Jizan Refinery project integrated package or an oxygen supply contract

Since the fuel gas desulfurization performances is directly related to the IGCC process, this package, as well as the sulfur recovery unit have been transferred from the Jizan Refinery project packages to the Jizan Power Plant project packages.

The consequence is to increase the content of the Jizan Power plant package which may end up somewhere between $3 and $5 billion capital expenditure.

Despite this increase in the scope of work, Saudi Aramco, Shell and KBR expect the Jizan Gasification Plant to come on stream at the end of 2016.

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