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ONGC to boost Tapti Daman gas production in India

ONGC to add platforms offshore Daman in Arabian Sea

The Indian national oil company (NOC) Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC) is planning to add platforms on its Tapsi Daman Block to boost the gas and condensate production from the Arabia Sea on the West coast of India.

India is the fourth largest energy consumer in the world after China, US, Russia.

Alike China, India energy consumption is mainly depending on coal representing 44% of the supply to be compared with the natural gas 7%.

ONGC_Tapti_Daman_mapIn addition most of this gas is imported from Qatar since 2004 under the form of liquefied natural gas (LNG) so that India ended up as the fourth largest LNG importer after China, Japan and South Korea.

But the gas demand is booming in India for different purposes, firstly to convert coal-fired power generation into gas as in China, secondly to produce locally nitrogen-based fertilizers, thirdly to replace the expensive liquid petroleum gas (LPG) in domestic burners.

As a sub-continent, India is bordered by the Arabian Sea on the west side and the Gulf of Bengal on the east side which both hold massive reserves of natural gas.

But local regulations, low prices, lack of infrastructures and difficulties to partners with foreign companies prevented India to develop its own offshore natural gas resources at the required scale.

India new Government is willing to favor the natural gas production in order to reduce the import of LNG, fertilizers and LPG.

ONGC invests $863 million in Daman Gas Development

Located in shallow water approximately 100 kilometers offshore the Daman coastline, ONGC Daman Development Project covers the commercially viable field C-24 and the marginal fields of the B-12 series.

Planned to run in production until 2035, ONGC is expecting to collect along the next 20 years:

 – 977 billion cubic feet (bcf) of gas

 – 176.9 million cubic feet (mcf) of condensate

 In this perspective, ONGC  is designing the Tapti Daman gas project to produce at peak:

ONGC_Tapti_Daman – 295 million cubic feet per day (cf/d) of gas

 – 9.286 barrels per day (b/d) of condensate.

Investing $863 million capital expenditure, ONGC is planning to drill 28 wells and to add in Tapti Daman Development project:

 – 7 wellhead platforms

 – 1 riser platforms

 – Export gas pipelines system.

This export pipeline system will carry the gas and condensate out to the Tapti central processing facilities (CPF) located on the Hazirah bank at the mouth of Tapti River in front of Daman.

In addition to the gas processing plan, ONGC is studying the opportunity to build urea and or power generation plants.

In beginning project execution by 2016, ONGC is targeting for the completion of the Tapti Daman gas project by 2019.

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