QIA  Definition: QIA is the acronym of Qatar Investment Authority Comments Headquartered in Doha, Qatar, the Qatar Investment Authority represents the Qatar Sovereign Wealth Fund. The QIA was founded by the State of Qatar in 2005 to strengthen the country\'s economy by diversifying into new asset classes. The QIA is structured to operate at the very highest levels of global capital expenditures. Since Qatar intends to become a major international center for finance and investment management, the QIA is acting as a world class investor. The QIA adheres to the strictest financial and commercial disciplines to grow its portfolio of long-term strategic investments to complement the state\'s huge wealth in natural resources. It has a strong track record of investing in different asset classes, including listed securities, property, alternative assets and private equity in all the major capital markets as well as the newer emerging markets. The success of Qatar\'s economic strategy is widely acknowledged, reflected in the country\'s credit rating of Aa2 from Moody’s Investors Service, which means it has a risk profile equivalent to some of the world\'s biggest and most advanced industrially developed nations. This growth is due in part to the rising energy prices and higher exports of liquefied natural gas (LNG). Qatar has huge natural gas reserves ­ as much as one third of the world\'s total natural gas reserves lies within its territory. The Qatar government is using this resource and the funds flowing from it to develop the country\'s infrastructure, including education and health facilities, and modern hydrocarbon operations. Some $130bn is earmarked for investment over the next 5 ­ 6 years, of which $65bn will be devoted to energy-related projects. Among the most significant capital expenditure, QAI took - 20% of American Nasdaq - 20% of the London Stock Exchange - 3% of French Energy group Total - 3% of Shell - 1% of LVMH and hold shares in many other companies such as Porsche, Harrods, Credit Suisse, Vivendi, Barclays. In diversifying its capital expenditure in the energy sector with companies like Shell, Total or ENI, the Qatar Investment Authority is also guiding these companies to consider Qatar with a higher priority for new greenfield projects, what companies like Porsche, Harrods, or LVMH may have harder to do beyond opening new shops.


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