GCC Countries  Definition: GCC Countries refers to the countries supporting this Gulf Cooperation Council whereas GCC is the acronym for Gulf Cooperation Council or Gulf Co-operation Council. The six GCC Countries are: - Bahrain - or Kingdom of Bahrain - Kuwait - Oman - or Sultanate of Oman - Qatar - Saudi Arabia - or Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) - UAE - United Arab Emirates Comments: The Gulf Cooperation Council is the short name of the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf (CCASG), also referred to as the Arab Gulf Cooperation Council (AGCC). Yemen (or The Republic of Yemen) is not included although geographically it lies in the same region, sharing a land border with Oman and Saudi Arabia. The Gulf Cooperation Council was founded on 26 May 1981. The unified economic agreement between the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council was signed on 11 November 1981 in UAE. These GCC countries may also be called to as the GCC States. The \"Gulf\" refers to the body of water known as the Arabian Gulf in Gulf Cooperation Council countries, or the Persian Gulf as referred to in many other places. All GCC countries have part or all of their coastline in the Arabian Gulf (a section of the Musandam Peninsula belongs to Oman). GCC citizens can usually travel freely between member states without the need for visas, or sometimes passports - a national identity card might be sufficient, at least at land border crossings. GCC countries shared economics, politics, culture, religion. A GCC common market was launched on 1 January 2008. The GCC common market grants national treatment to all GCC firms and GCC citizens in any other GCC country, and in doing so removes all barriers to cross country capital expenditure and services trade.
GES+  Definition: GES+ is the acronym of General Engineering Services Plus. General Engineering Services Plus is an initiative led by Saudi Aramco to increase the local content of the engineering activities in Saudi Arabia Comments: Saudi Aramco’s General Engineering Services Plus (GES+) initiative requires that the majority of its engineering services requirements be conducted in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in order to enhance the development of training and domestic employment opportunities. With the GES+ initiative, Saudi Arabia intents to increase its local content with higher added value engineering activities. Signing a GES+ contract with Saudi Aramco is now becoming a major step for the engineering companies to get pre-qualified for future engineering work. A typical GES+ contract will pre-qualify the engineering companies to perform: - Pre-front-end engineering design (pre-FEED) - Front End Engineering and Design (FEED) - Project Management Consultancy (PMC) - Detailed design and procurement services Then depending on the engineering companies capabilities it will cover work for - Onshore and/or Offshore oil and gas - Refining - Petrochemicals - Associated infrastructure projects in Saudi Arabia. In practice the GES + initiative requires the foreign engineering companies and contractors to establish long term joint venture with local engineering companies and contractors. These joint ventures will be the frame to support the co-operation between the global companies and the locals to transfer expertise and enhance Saudis engineering competences. Led by Saudi Aramco, the GES+ contracts concept are now encouraged to be spread to other Saudi companies such as Sabic and Ma\'aden. So far Foster Wheeler, Jacobs Engineering, KBR, Mustang and SNC Lavalin have been able to establish local partnerships and have signed GES+ contracts with Saudi Aramco.
Grass-roots  Definition: The wording Grass-roots refers to a new plant to be built up from scratch. It has no connection with the process to be used. Comment: Green field is the most common synonym of Grass-roots, both oppose to Brown field which is used for existing facilities.


glossary2b1stSince the performance in global projects is about communication to co ordinate global and local initiatives, it appeared imperative to create this glossary.
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