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CompactGTL to build first world small-scale GTL plant in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan to monetize associated gas with GTL plant

2B1st_Project_Smart_Explorer_Sales_Pursuit_ToolChaired by ex BP CEO, Tony Hayward, the innovative company CompactGTL Limited (CompactGTL) signed a memorandum of co-operation with the Ministry of Oil and Gas in Kazakhstan to build in this country the first small-scale gas-to-liquid (GTL) facility in the world.

With this project Kazakhstan is willing to monetize the associated gas released by its upstream sector from the oil and gas processing facilities.

Because of the marginal quantities of gas and the distance, the natural gas separated from the oil in the central processing facilities may be just wasted by flaring.

Kazakhstan_CompactGTL_MapIn parallel, Kazakhstan is running short of refined products as most of emerging countries.

Since the profitability of a gas-to-liquid facility is made from the spread between the prices of the natural gas as feedstock and the crude oil barrels price on the sales market, Kazakhstan appears as a targeted country due to its available quantity of flared gas.

In this context, a GTL plant comes as a perfect opportunity.

But the gas-to-liquid process is complex and usually requires large and expensive facilities.

In Qatar where large quantities of gas are available on the same location, GTL has been a preferred choice along with the liquefied natural gas (LNG) plants.

In Kazakhstan the situation is slightly different as such large scale GTL facilities would suppose to gather and transport enough quantities of flared gas at huge costs to supply a GTL plant.

That is where the concept of CompactGTL is innovative and provides a small-scale GTL unit that can be commercially viable with a minimum of gas as feedstock.

Petrobras runs in Brazil first CompactGTL pilot unit

Headquartered in the UK, CompactGTL developed a fully integrated GTL process including:

CompactGTL_Kazakhstan_GTL_Project – Gas treatment

 – Gas reforming

 – Synthetic gas (syngas) generation

 – Fischer Tropsch process

 – Syncrude production

Focusing on the marginal fields or the associated gas, CompactGTL optimized its design for small production units.

Established in 2006, CompactGTL started the operations of its demonstration GTL unit in Wilton, Teeside , UK in 2008.

 Then CompactGTL built a pilot GTL facility at Aracaju in Brazil with Petrobras.

All the crude oil fields developed in Brazil contain a significant proportion of associated gas partly at the root cause of the delays and costs issues of Petrobras upstream programs.

In the case of Kazakhstan, the frame size proposed by  CompactGTL should have a capacity of 820,000 cubic meters per day (cm/d) of associated gas.

Therefore the Kazakhstan GTL project should produce 3,000 barrels per day (b/d) of synthetic diesel.

In respect with the rising demand of the domestic market for transportation fuels, the investment to monetize this quantity of associated gas being flared appears commercially viable.

The design phase should take 12 months so that CompactGTL is planning its first small-scale GTL plant in Kazakhstan by 2017.

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