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Bahrain to increase Tatweer associated gas monetization

Banagas considers Sitra Third Train Expansion project

While Tatweer Petroleum (Tatweer) is increasing its oil and gas production from the Bahrain Field, Bahrain National Gas Company (Banagas) is considering the expansion of its Sitra gas processing facilities with the addition of a third train.

Covering 80 percent of Bahrain main island, the Bahrain field was discovered in 1932 with a reservoir lying by depth ranging between 400 meters and 2,200 meters below the surface.

In exploration and production for eighty years, the Bahrain field supplies the Sitra refinery operated by the national oil company (NOC) Bahrain Petroleum Company (Bapco).

Until 1979 the crude oil produce from Bahrain field was treated in the refinery while the associated gas was just flared.

Banagas_Third_Train_Bahrain_Oil_Field_MapIn 1979, the Kingdom of Bahrain established Banagas to capture the associated gas from the Bahrain field, treat it and monetize it through the condensate.

Banagas was formed as a joint venture between three stakeholders:

 – Government of Bahrain 75% is the operator

 – Arab Petroleum Investment Corporation 12.5% today replaced by the Boubyan Petrochemical Company.

 – Chevron ( through Caltex subsidiary) 12.5%

To process this associated gas, Banagas invested in first:

 – Series of four compressors  station

 – Liquid petroleum gas (LPG) processing facilities

 – Tank farm to store butane, propane, naphtha and other condensates.

In 1988, Banagas proceeded to the first expansion with the addition of a second LPG train to increase the capacity from 170 million cubic feet per day (cf/d) to 280 million (cf/d).

This Banagas first expansion included two more compressors and one additional gas central processing plant.

Tatweer Bahrain Field Development boosts Banagas

In 2003 and in 2011, Banagas added new compression stations again to follow the Bahrain Field Development Project operated by Tatweer.

Tatweer was formed to stop the depletion of the Bahrain field and initiate the Bahrain Field Development Project.

Banagas_Sitra_Third_Train_BahrainUsing the last enhanced oil recovery (EOR) technologies, Tatweer has been drilling 900 new wells and  proceeding to steam injection, water flooding with the ambition to treple the oil and gas production between 2011 and 2017 to reach:

 – 100,000 barrels of oil per day (b/d)

 – 2.0 billion cf/d of natural gas.

In order to follow the good implementation of the Tatweer Bahrain Field Development Project,  Banagas is now working on the feasibility study to add a third processing train in Sitra to treat the corresponding associated gas.

This Banagas Third Train should require an investment of $300 million capital expenditure.

In 2008, Banagas established a dedicated subsidiary called Bahrain National Gas Expansion Company (BNGEC) to managed and operate Banagas expansion projects.

After treatment this gas is only consumed locally, partly reinjected to support Tatweer EOR program, partly burnt in gas-fired power generation, and partly sold to the local aluminum industry.

Instead, most of the LPG are exported to the global markets.

To align the processing capacities on the associated gas generated by Tatweer Bahrain Field Development Project, Banagas should start the front end engineering and design (FEED) of this Bahrain third processing train in 2014 to award the engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contract in 2015 with the first production due in 2017.

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