Abu Dhabi National Chemicals Company (ChemaWEyaat)

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Based in Abu Dhabi within the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the Abu Dhabi National Company (ChemaWeYaat) was established recently in 2008 as the spearhead of the petrochemical industry in the UAE.

In order to create immediately a regional champion and develop synergies, the stakeholders transferred their respective petrochemical assets into their purposely formed ChemaWeYaat subsidiary.

As a result ChemaWeYaat is currently owned by:

 – Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) 20%

 – International Petroleum Investment Company (IPIC) 40%

 – Abu Dhabi Investment Council (ADIC) 40% 

As a result of the consolidation exercise in ChemaWEEyaat of their respective petrochemical assets, the owners transferred:

 – ADNOC Abu Dhabi Polymers Company (Borouge) located in Ruwais

 – ADNOC Borouge Marketing PTE in Singapore

 – Ruwais Fertilizers Industries (Fertil)

 – Overseas IPIC petrochemical activities. 

In Abu Dhabi, the main ChemaWeYaat petrochemical assets are located in:

 – Madeenat Al Gharbia

 – Al Taweelah

In setting up this regional champion, ADNOC and its partners aim at building ChemaWeYaat market leadership on reliability, quality, cutting-edge technology and competitive feedstock.

In order to develop synergies and share good practice without delay, ChemaWeYaat is active member of the Gulf Petrochemicals & Chemicals Association (GPCA).

ChemaWeYaat is also partnering with international chemical operators, engineering companies and licensors such as ADNOC, Borealis, Neste Jacobs, or WorleyParsons to develop the most advance expertise in the hydrocarbon transformation.

ChemaWEyaat Key Figures

As national company, ChemaWeYaat is not listed and does not publish figures

ChemaWEyaat Projects and Business Highlights

As a young company made of production units coming from different horizons, the priority for ChemaWeYaat is to implement an integrated business model as its closest competitors in the Gulf.

Benchmarking Ras Laffan Indusrial City in Qatar or Al-Jubail Industrial City in Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi wants to build the Chemical City for ChemaWeYaat.

In December 2010, the Abu Dhabi Government made the choice of the location and approved the master plan of the future petrochemical complex to be erected there.

This master plan is designed around the sites of Madeenat ChemaWeYaat Al Gharbia, as well as the other production site in Al Taweelah.

Located on the Western Region of Abu Dhabi, Al-Gharbia benefit from 70 square kilometers next to Ruwais industrial complex.

On the model of Ras Laffan, Al-Gharbia include an export terminal, facilities to take in seawater, and a cooling system for the industrial city.

Al-Gharbia master plan is designed to host:

 – Light naphtha reforme

 – Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG)

 – 70,000 b/d of benzene

 – Xylene and Paraxylene

 – Petrochemicals compounds

The development of the Madeenat ChemaWeYaat Al-Gharbia Chemical City is supported by the $25 billion capital expenditure of the Tacaamol Aromatics project.

To be implemented in three phases, the $10 billion first phase of the ChemaWeYaat Tacaamol Aromatics project is in progress with the project management consultancy (PMC) contract being awarded to Foster Wheeler.

According to its PMC contract, Foster Wheeler is due to prepare the call for bid, evaluate the bids and supervise execution of the front end engineering and design (FEED). 

ADNOC, IPIC and Abu Dhabi Investment Company were expecting the Madeenat ChemaWeYaat Al-Gharbia Chemical City to come on stream in 2014, but the complexity and size of the Tacaamol Aromatics project postponed the FEED to 2013 for a completion of the first phase by 2013.

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