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Total awarded main packages on Martin Linge in Norway

Technip and Samsung Heavy Industries won Topsides

In selecting the consortium made of  Technip and Samsung Heavy Industries (SHI) for the topsides of its Martin Linge project in Norway, the french international oil company, Total, awarded the main package of this $4.2 billion project.

Lying by 120 meter water depth on the Norwegian Continental Shelf (NCS), the Martin Linge oil and gas field is located half way between the UK Shetland Islands and the Norwegian coast line150 kilometer west of Kollness near Bergen.

Previously named Hild, the Martin Linge oil and gas field is developed by a joint venture between:

 – Total (51%), the operator

 – Petoro AS (30%)

 – Statoil Petroleum AS (19%)

Discovered in 1978, Martin Linge oil and gas field is estimated to contain 189 million barrels of oil equivalent (BOE) of recoverable reserves.

On summer 2012, Aker Solutions completed the Front End Engineering and Design (FEED) covering:

 – Offshore production platform (topsides and jacket)

 – FSO (floating storage and offloading for oil, water and condensates)

 – Turret and mooring

 – SURF (subsea umbilicals, risers, pipelines and flowlines)

 – Transportation and installation

 – Onshore control center located in Stavanger

To facilitate the handling of the topsides during the construction and organize separate bids per sub-package, Aker Solutions and Total designed these topsides in three modules:

 – 10 000 tonne module for Process, Flare and Drilling

 – 10 000 tonne module for the Utilities

 – 3 000 tonne module for the living quarter for 95 people

Technip and SHI, bidding in consortium, have been awarded all the three modules of the topsides for a total amount of $1.25 billion, from which both partners will book respectively:

 Technip ($780 million) is leading the consortium

 – Samsung Heavy Industries ($470 million)

The contract for these topsides covers the engineering, procurement, construction (EPC), and transportation, hook-up and commissioning on the platform made of an eight legged jacket.

Within the consortium, Technip will perform engineering and procurement from its Paris office, in France with the support from its Chennai office in India and Oslo office in Norway.

Samsung Heavy Industries will execute the construction in South Korea and will be in charge of the transportation for the process and utilities modules.

The living quarter module will be designed and built in Europe.

Total awarded Jacket, SURF and Subsea cable contracts to Kvaerner, Subsea 7 and ABB

Previously to the topsides, Total had awarded the most critical packages of the Martin Linge project.

In February 2012, Total had selected Kvaerner for the engineering, procurement, supply, construction (EPSC) contract covering also the load-out and sea-fastening of the jacket and associated piles.

Kvaerner is expected to deliver this eight legged jacket in 2014.

In November 2012, Total awarded the subsea, umbilical, riser and flowline (SURF) $800 million contract to Subsea 7

Including the engineering, procurement, construction and installation (EPCI) work, Subsea 7 forecast to begin operations in 2014 for a duration of 4 years.

In December 2012, ABB won from Subsea 7  the subsea  cable to supply Martin Linge platform from the shore.

This electrical solution had been chosen by Total to meet Norwegian requirements on the CO2 emission reduction.

This cable will be the world longest subsea link using alternative current (AC) technology with 162 kilometer.

Designed with 145 kilovolt high voltage three cores and polymeric insulation, the ABB subsea cable will supply 55 MW of electricty to power the production plaform and the associated FSO.

With the topsides packages awarded to Technip and Samsung Heavy Industries, Total and its partners Petoro and Statoil are planning to start production in Martin Linge at the end of 2016.

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