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Sempra Energy submitted for Texas Port Arthur LNG FERC Pre-File

Sempra to capitalize on Cameron LNG project learnings

The California-based midstream company Sempra Energy (Sempra) submitted a Pre-file application to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) for a liquefied natural gas (LNG) export terminal project at Port Arthur in Texas, USA.

With this initiative Sempra is willing to capitalize on its experience acquired from the Cameron LNG project currently in construction at Hackberry in Louisiana, USA.

Sempra_Texas_Port-Arthur-LNG_Project_MapAfter Cheniere Sabine Pass LNG project, Sempra was among the leading companies pioneering the entire technical and legal process to obtain all the approvals required by the US Administration to export LNG from the local shale gas production to free trade agreement (FTA) countries and non-free trade agreement (non-FTA) countries.

In order to preserve the competitive advantage of the petrochemical industry, the US administration distillates the LNG export terminal projects approval carefully.

The purpose is to prevent any shortage on the domestic market due to some flushing effects of the export markets where gas prices stand three to five times above the US market.

In that respect Sempra Port Arthur LNG project reflects the confidence of the US companies in its local oil and gas industry to maintain this price gap in a long run to justify bullish investments in LNG export terminal projects.

In 2004, Sempra had applied for a FERC approval regarding an import and regasification LNG Terminal in Port Arthur.

In 2006, Sempra was granted of this approval, but then put its Port Arthur LNG Import Terminal project on hold in 2008 when shale gas emerged as the potential substitute to Middle-East sourcing.

Sempra Port Arthur LNG to export 10 million per year 

Since that time numbers of studies and documents remain valid to facilitate the new submission for a Port Arthur Export Terminal this time.

In that respect Sempra Port Arthur LNG Export Terminal project will benefit from the 2,900 acres site ideally lying between Sabine-Neches Ship Channel and the Intercoastal Waterway.

Sempra_Texas_Port-Arthur-LNG_ProjectThis location will allow Sempra to design the Port Arthur LNG project to treat up to 1.4 billion cubic feet per day (cf/d) for a production capacity of 10 million tonnes per year (t/y) of LNG.

To do so the Port Arthur LNG export Terminal Project should include:

 – Feed gas pre-treatment facility

 – Two inter-connection pipelines with the local transportation system

 – Two LNG Trains

 – Two storage tanks with a capacity of 160,000 cubic meter each

 – Two berths with marine and loading facilities for LNG carriers

 – LNG storage tanks

 – Refrigerant liquid storage facility

 –  Gas-fired turbines power self-generation for LNG trains electric power supply

In respect with Cameron LNG experience, Sempra expects to complete the FERC approval and non-FTA authorization from the US Department Of Energy (DOE) at the end of 2016 in order to start construction on early 2017 for first shipments from Port Arthur LNG Terminal project in 2021

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