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Repsol keeps heading Algeria North Reggane gas fields development

North Reggane first production still targeted in 2016

2B1st_Project_Smart_Explorer_Sales_Pursuit_ToolDespite the In Amenas attack, the Spanish Repsol and its partners, the national oil company (NOC) Sonatrach, RWE Dea  from Germany, and Edison from Italy, are moving ahead in the development of the North Reggane gas fields according to the original plans to deliver the first production of natural gas in 2016.

Since the Gassi Touil project where Repsol and Sonatrach terminated their cooperation in the Arbitration Chamber after accumulating delays, the two partners do not intent to repeat the experience in the North Reggane gas fields project regardless the potential troubles around.

Located in the Algerian Sahara desert, the working interests in North Reggane, or Reggane Nord in French, are shared between Repsol and its partners in such a way that:

Repsol_Sonatrach_RWE_Edison_North-Reggane_Project_map – Repsol 29.25% is the operator

 – Sonatrach 40%

 – RWE Dea 19.5%

 – Edison 11.25%

Within the Blocks 351c and 352c of the Reggane Basin, the North Reggane project covers the development of six gas fields:

 – Reggane

 – Azrafil Southeast 

– Kahlouche

 – South Kahlouche

 – Sali

 – Tiouliline

Reggane is located on Southwest of Touat, 1,500 kilometers southwest of the capital Alger.

In the same way that GDF-Suez and Sonatrach are boosting the development of the Touat gas field, Repsol and its partners are intending to keep their original target to start the first production from North Reggane in 2016.

Repsol and partners invest $3 billion in North Reggane

To support this development, Repsol and its partners Sonatrach, RWE Dea, and Edison, are planning to invest $3 billion capital expenditure.

With this amount of investment and in respect with the working interests owned by Repsol, the North Reggane project stands on the top of the projects list of the Spanish company.

This cost relies on the dispersion of the six fields forming the North Reggane projects and the nature of the reservoirs.

All together the six fields of the North Reggane project are estimated to hold 1.7 trillion cubic feet (tcf) reserves of natural gas.

Therefore Repsol and its partners are planning to drill 104 wells in the two allocated blocks 351c and 352c.

With these production wells, Repsol, Sonatrach, RWE Dea and Edison, are expecting a plateau production of 8 million cubic meter per day (cm/d) of natural gas during 12 years with an overall lifespan of 25 years.

Then on the surface the North Reggane project includes:

Repsol-RWE-Sonatrach-Edision_Algeria_Reggane-Nord_Project – Gas gathering system

 – Gas central processing facility (CPF)

 – Export pipeline

 – Power generation and distribution system

 – Offsites and Utilities

Since the Algerian Government had issued its formal authorization to Repsol, Sonatrach, RWE Dea, and Edison in 2012, the development of the North Reggane project enters the active phase of execution in order to start production in 2016.

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