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PTTEP and Chevron to call for Thailand Arthit Field Development

PTTEP to add Arthit South Gas Gathering Platform

2B1st_Project_Smart_Explorer_Sales_Pursuit_ToolThe Thailand national oil company (NOC) PTT Exploration and Production Public Company Ltd (PTTEP) and its partners, Chevron from USA and Mitsui Oil Exploration Company (Mitsui or MOECO) from Japan are working on the call for tender for the Arthit south gas Gathering Platform (AGP) in the Gulf of Thailand.

This Arthit south gas Gathering Platform is part of the Arthit gas field expansion planned by Thailand to increase its local production in the perspective to cope with the rising domestic demand.

With the Arthit gas field expansion PTTEP and its partners are also planning to add a series of eleven wellhead platforms.

PTTEP_Arthit_South-Gas_Gathering_Platform_Thailand_MapDiscovered in 1999, the Arthit gas field is located approximately 230 kilometers  offshore the Songkhla province, Thailand.

Adjacent to the Bongkot concession, the Arthit gas field had been divided in four blocks, B14A, B15A, B16A, G8/50.

 These Arthit gas field Blocks were conceded to a joint venture of companies including:

 – PTTEP 80% is the operator

 – Chevron 16%

 – Mitsui 4%

In the years 2000s PTTEP and its partners carried out the exploratory phase so that the first production could start in 2008 after $1.4 billion capital expenditure.

Covering 3,680 square kilometers, PTTEP and its partners Chevron and Mitsui have estimated the Arthit gas field to hold 1.9 trillion cubic feet (tcf) proven reserves (P1) of wet gas.

Therefore PTTEP and its partners decided to develop the Arthit gas field in several phases that should require the construction and installation of 50 wellheads platforms.

 At that scale, Arthit gas field is the flagship of the gas and condensate production in Thailand.

Liquid-rich, the Arthit gas field is currently operating the largest gas central processing platform in southeast Asia.

Weighting 17,000 tonnes this Arthit central processing platform is separating the gas from the condensate from where the gas is exported through a 200 kilometers pipeline while the condensate are transferred to the Bongkot FSO by a 30 kilometers pipeline.

Now PTTEP and its partners are considering the development of the south area of the Arthit gas field in adding 12 platforms including 11 wellheads platforms and one Arthit gathering platform (AGP).

Technip completes FEED on Arthit Gathering Platform

Meanwhile the front end engineering and design (FEED) work will be completed soon, PTTEP and its partners are preparing separate calls for tender for the gathering platform and the wellhead platforms.

PTTEP_Arthit_Gas_Field_Development_ThailandThe Arthit South Gas Gathering Platform (AGP) is designed to treat:

 – 180 million cubic feet per day (cf/d) of gas

 – 9,000 barrels per day (b/d) of condensate

 – 9,000 barrels per day (b/d) of water

In parallel to the AGP tender, PTTEP and its partners will sanction the 11 wellhead platforms in one engineering, procurement, construction and installation (EPCI) contract even though they should be installed in two phases with a first series of seven platforms, followed by the remaining four wellhead platforms.

With this frame work, PTTEP and its partners Chevron and Mitsui are planning to award the EPC contracts for the Arthit South Gas Gathering Platform (AGP) and the 11 wellhead platforms on mid 2014 so that the next phase of the Arthit gas field development should come on stream in the Gulf of Thailand in 2016.

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