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Maersk awarded UK Culzean topsides FEED contract to KBR

Maersk chose standalone concept to develop Culzean

The Danish company Maersk Oil and Gas (Maersk) and its partners, JX Nippon Oil and Energy Corporation (JX Nippon) from Japan, Eni from Italy and BP from UK, have chosen the standalone concept to develop the challenging high temperature and high pressure offshore natural gas and condensate field Culzean in the UK North Sea.

Culzean belongs to the Block 22/25a covered by the License P111.

Lying by only 92 meters of water depth but 4,800 meters of total depth Culzean is classified among the complex high temperature and high pressure offshore gas fields.

Maersk_Culzean_High-Pressure-High-Temperature_Platform_MapDiscovered in 2008, 230 kilometers offshore Aberdeen in Scotland, Culzean appeared quickly as an important discovery.

After an appraisal campaign in 2010 and 2011, Culzean could be ranked by Maersk and its partners as the most important gas  discovery in the UK North Sea over the recent years.

In Culzean, Maersk and its partners share the working interests as following:

 – Maersk 49.99% is the operator

 – JX Nippon 17.06%

 – Eni 16.95%

 – BP 16% through Britoil subsidiary

On the early days of the discovery, Maersk ordered conceptual studies around standalone unit or tie-back in connection with the numerous existing platforms in the area.

At that time the tie-back solutions offered the advantage to fit with first estimated reserves and to phase up the exploration-production of Culzean in respect with the technologies still to be developed to sustain operations in the high temperature and high pressure conditions of the field.

Maersk Culzean includes three bridge-linked platforms

In the meantime, Maersk and its partners revised upward Culzean reserves of natural gas and condensate and the UK Authorities released new tax break regulation to encourage companies in developing these risky high temperature and high pressure gas fields.

Maersk_Culzean_HPHT_Standalone_PlatformIn that respect Culzean from Maersk and Jackdaw from BG Group could be the first two high pressure and high temperature (HP/HT) gas and condensate fields of the UK North Sea to benefit from this new regulation.

With this tax exemption, the UK Government expects the oil and gas companies to speed up the development of the new technologies required to cope with these extreme HP/HT conditions.

In this context of more resources than expected and of motivating financial conditions, Maersk and its partners decided to go for the standalone concept straight away.

Calling for $5 billion capital expenditure, Culzean standalone concept will include three bridge-linked offshore platforms:

 – Wellhead platform (WHP)

 – Central processing facilities (CPF) platform, including the flare tower

 – Utility and living quarter (ULQ) platform

In awarding the front end engineering and design (FEED) contract for the platforms topsides to KBR, Maersk and its partners, JX Nippon, Eni and BP, are expecting to make Culzean final investment decision (FID) in 2015 for first production by 2019.

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