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ExxonMobil in brief

The world largest publicly traded oil and gas company

Based in Irving, near Houston, Texas, USA, Exxon Mobil Corporation (ExxonMobil) is listed in NYSE (XOM) and recognized as the world largest publicly traded international oil and gas company.

ExxonMobil holds the largest oil and gas resources among the international oil companies (IOC) with 87 billion of barrels of oil equivalent (boe).

ExxonMobil is also running the the world largest integrated refining capacity and lube base stock production.

Among the international oil companies, ExxonMobil is also operating the largest petrochemical activity.

ExxonMobil is covering the all the global businesses of the international oil and gas company across the:

 – Upstream to explore, develop new fields onshore and offshore and produce oil and gas

 – Downstream to refine crude oil and raw natural gas into transportation fuels, lubricants and feedstock for the petrochemical industry

 – Chemical to produce the building blocks of the petrochemical industry and high added value specialties

ExxonMobil Key Figures

 – 2011 Revenues:$486,4 billion

 – 2010 Revenues:$383,2 billion

 – 2009 Revenues:$310,5 billion

 – 2011 Earnings:$41 billion

 – 2010 Earnings:$30,46 billion

 – 2009 Earnings:$19,2 billion

 – 2011 Capital Expenditure:$36,7 billion

 – 2010 Capital Expenditure:$32,2 billion

 – 2009 Capital Expenditure:$27 billion

ExxonMobil Projects and Business Highlights

ExxonMobil increases position in Russia in signing cooperation agreement with Rosneft for the exploration and production of the oil and gas in Arctic and to develop tight oil in Western Siberia.

ExxonMobil and Rosneft will also create a joint Arctic Research Center for Offshore Developments.

To benefit from the abundant and cheap natural gas from extracted now in USA from the shale gas, ExxonMobil submitted permit applications for a new ethane cracker and petrochemical facilities due to run in 2016 at the integrated Baytown complex on the US Gulf Coast in Texas, USA.

ExxonMobil and Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (Sabic), from Saudi Arabia, agreed to build a new 400,000 t/y elastomers facility in the existing petrochemical complex of Al Jubail in Saudi Arabia for a production expected in 2015.



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  1. heating oil galway

    I have gone through this article. This is very nice article.I really surprised to hear that Exxonmobil Holds largest oil and gas productivity in the world.

    1. Dear Sir

      If you refer to the article published on Sept 17th, we refer to ExxonMobil largest oil and gas resources among the international oil companies.
      Then we refer to its largest integrated refining capacities.
      But I cant’ find where we are supposed to talk about “largest oil and gas productivity in the world”

      Best regards
      Jean-Charles Guilhem

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