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Enterprise Products continues to expand US Gulf Coast LPG Terminal

New Terminal after Houston Ship Channel Expansion

2B1st_Project_Smart_Explorer_Sales_Pursuit_ToolThe Houston-based midstream company Enterprise Products Partners L.P. (Enterprise) is looking for the most appropriate site along the US Gulf Coast in Texas and Louisiana to build a new terminal to export liquefied petroleum gas (LPG).

This project comes on the top of the previously announced expansion of the Houston Ship Channel Terminal.

Enterprise_Products_Partners_US_Gulf_Coast_LPG_Export_Terminal_mapWith the development of the shale gas in USA, the production of LPG has followed the same booming curve so that the prices on the US market run less attractive compared with the global market.

Within the LPG, the ethane and propane are welcome as competitive feedstock to supply ethylene crackers all over the world instead of the expensive naphtha indexed on crude oil prices.

In this context, Enterprise is investing heavily to increase export capacities through its existing LPG Terminal facilities and in investigating the most convenient locations to build a greenfield export Terminal.

In March 2013, Enterprise celebrated the beginning of the operations of the major expansion it has completed in the Houston Ship Channel LPG Terminal.

In operations since 1980s, Enterprise renewed its long term service agreement until 2026 and proceeded to a major expansion of the refrigerating and loading capacities from 4 million barrels per month (b/m) of low-ethane propane to 7.5 million b/m.

From the successful completion of this large expansion, Enterprise decided in September 2013 to implement a second expansion to export 9 million b/m of propane.

Enterprise to double LPG export terminal capacities

In parallel Enterprise is currently completing the construction of additional separation units in its Mont Belvieu Natural Gas Liquids (NGL) complex.

This Mont Belvieu NGL complex is collecting the natural gas from the US national gas pipeline system to separate the gas into LPG and supply Enterprise LPG Export Terminals.

The new refrigeration and loading expansion of 1.5 million b/m low-ethane propane will allow to ship three more cargoes of LPG per month.

Enterprise_Products_Partners_US_Gulf_Coast_LPG_Export_Terminal_ProjectEnterprise is planning to complete the expansion of the Houston Ship Channel LPG Export Terminal by 2015.

In parallel to these investments for expanding the existing facilities, Enterprise is willing to take a leap in its global export of LPG in targeting very large gas carriers (VLGC) class ships.

In a first phase the Enterprise US Gulf Coast LPG Export Terminal should have a capacity of 6 to 6.5 million barrels per month, equivalent to 11,000 barrels per hour (b/h), of low-ethane propane and butane.

Currently, Enterprise is investigating the marine terminal location in Texas and Louisiana to allow the connection through inlet pipeline from Mont Belvieu NGL complex for the supply and the construction of a deep water port to moor VLGCs and export the LPG.

In respect with the expansion of Houston Ship Channel Terminal and the greenfield LPG Export Terminal project, Enterprise is planning to double capacity to 15 million b/m from the current 7.5 million b/m and to load its first gas carriers from the US Gulf Coast LPG Terminal at the end of 2015.

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