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Cheniere got Sabine Pass LNG Trains 5 and 6 FERC approval

Cheniere in route for Sabine Pass Stage-3 in Louisiana

The Houston-based independent company Cheniere Energy Partners LLC (Cheniere) took a leap to develop its liquefied natural gas (LNG) Sabine Pass Stage-3 project in receiving the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) approval for the construction of the Sabine Pass LNG Trains 5 and 6 at its Cameron Parish LNG terminal on the Louisiana US Gulf Coast.

Cheniere main activities are related to the monetization of the US shale gas by its exportation through the Sabine Pass LNG project in Louisiana and the Corpus Christi LNG project in Texas.

Cheniere_Cameron-Parish_Louisiana_Sabine_Pass_Stage-3_LNG-Trains_5_and_6_mapTo supply its Sabine Pass LNG Terminal, Cheniere also owns and operates the Creole Trail Pipeline in Louisiana.

In April 2013, Cheniere was the first company to receive a FERC approval to build a LNG plant to export gas from USA.

In that perspective Cheniere proposed the conversion of its Sabine Pass LNG receiving terminal and regasification project into Sabine Pass LNG Export Terminal project with the construction up to six LNG Trains.

Each LNG Train is designed for a capacity of 4.5 million tonnes per year (t/y).

On first quarter 2015, the construction of the Sabine Pass LNG Stage-1 comprising the trains 1 and 2 reached the 85% project completion.

Cheniere is expecting the first shipment of gas from the Sabine Pass LNG Trains 1 and 2 later this year.

Sabine Pass LNG Trains 5 and 6 to be ready by 2018

In May 2013, Cheniere made the final investment decision (FID) for Sabine Pass LNG Stage-2 project to build the LNG Trains 3 and 4.

In February 2015, the construction of the Sabine Pass LNG Trains 3 and 4 came to 56.5% completion.

Cheniere_Cameron-Parish_Louisiana_Sabine_Pass_Stage-3_LNG-Trains_5_and_6With the Sabine Pass Stage-1 and Sabine Pass Stage-2 projects, Cheniere will benefit from a 18 million t/y capacity of LNG export from USA.

Its leading position in the approval process of the Sabine Pass LNG Trains 1 and 2, then LNG Trains 3 and 4 will propel Cheniere as the first LNG exporter in USA.

In February 2015, Cheniere received the Department of Energy (DoE) Authorization to export additional 203 billion cubic feet per year (bcf/y) of gas for a period of 25 years in the perspective of the Sabine Pass LNG Trains 5 and 6.

In total Cheniere is allowed to export 1,509 bcf/y of gas to free-trade-agreement (FTA) countries and 803 bcf/y of gas to non-FTA countries.

To supply the Sabine Pass LNG Trains 5 and 6, Cheniere is expanding capacity at its Creol Trail Pipeline (CTPL).

The sales of the LNG export from the Train 5 are already signed with Total and Centrica, while negotiations are still on going for the Train 6

With the Sabine Pass LNG Trains 5 and 6, the Sabine Pass Stage-3 project will add Cheniere 9 million t/y of LNG capacity to reach a total capacity at its Louisiana Cameron Parish site of 27 million t/y by 2018.

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