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Adma-Opco prepares bids for Abu Dhabi Al-Nasr Full Field Development

Fluor completed FEED work on Al-Nasr Phase two

2B1st_Project_Smart_Explorer_Sales_Pursuit_ToolThe Abu Dhabi Marine Operating Company (Adma-Opco) is currently preparing the evaluation of the technical bids to be submitted on Q2 2013 for the engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) packages of the Al-Nasr Full Field Development project offshore Abu Dhabi.

Adma-Opco is a joint venture between the local Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) and the international oil companies (IOCs) that contribute to the development of the offshore oil and gas resources in the Abu Dhabi Emirates since 1950’s.

Adma-Opco_Al-Nasr-Full-Field-Development_mapIn the Adma-Opco joint venture, ADNOC and its partners share the working interests such as:

 –  ADNOC 60% is the operator

 – BP from UK 14 2/3 %

 – Total from France 13 1/3 %

 – JODCO from Japan 12%.

Through the exploration and development of giant fields such as Umm Shaif and Zakum, Adma-Opco is expected to be a major contributor to the production increase planned by Abu Dhabi.

The Al-Nasr oil and gas field lies approximately 30 kilometers northeast Umm Shaif, at the limit of UAE territorial water within the Persian – Arabic Gulf.

In order to meet its quota of 3.5 million barrel per day (b/d) in 2018 as defined jointly with the OPEC in 2011, Abu Dhabi needs to ramp-up its crude oil production by additional 800,000 b/d not including the compensation of the depleting fields.

In that 2018 perspective Adma-Opco is expected to reach 1.75 million b/d of crude oil offshore production by then.

Adma-Opco_Umm-Shaif_Abu-DhabiIn its business plan presented in 2011, Adma-Opco  included the Al-Nasr oil and gas field, as well as Umm al-Lulu, Satah Al-Razboot (Sarb) and Upper Zakum.

In this business plan Adma-Opco is targeting to produce additional 100,000 b/d of crude oil from Al-Nasr, in the same way as for Umm Al-Lulu and Sarb respectively.

Al-Nasr field has a structure much more complex than Umm Al-Lulu, therefore Adma-Opco decided to develop it separately.

After a pre-front end engineering and design (pre-FEED) compledet by Technip, Adma-Opco decided to develop the Al-Nasr in two phases:

 – Phase 1 has been called Early Production Scheme as to produce 25,000 b/d to test the field

 – Phase 2 is the master piece of the project as the Full Field development in order to add at least 65,000 b/d of crude oil

In July 2011, the Al-Nasr Early Production Scheme was awarded to the Indian contractor Larsen & Toubro and is currently under execution for completion planned in 2015.

For a costs of $500 million capital expenditure, this Al-Nasr phase 1 includes to drill 33 wells and install infrastructure to support the wellheads together with the pumping units and flowlines.

In March 2012, Adma-Opco contracted AMEC from UK to provide project management consultancy services on Al-Nasr Phase-1.

In the meantime, regarding Al-Nasr Phase 2, Adma-Opco selected in October 2011 the Texas-based Fluor Corporation (Fluor) to perform the front end engineering and design (FEED) on the Al-Nasr Full Field Development.

Fluor completed its FEED work in April 2012 from its Houston, Texas, and Abu Dhabi offices.

Eight competitors for two Al-Nasr EPC packages

From this FEED, the Al-Nasr Phase 2 project is designed as a complex of 7 platforms and 210 kilometers of pipelines to support:

 – 132 wells with their corresponding wellheads

 – Crude oil pumping units

 – Oil separation facilities

 – Gas lift dehydration and compression

Adma-Opco_Full-Field-Development – Multi-phases metering systems

 – Water treatment

 – Water disposal facilities

 – Oil and water trunkline

 – Infield subsea pipeline

 – Export pipeline to Das Island

 – Utilities platform

 – Living quarter platforms

 – Power generation facilities

 – Flare system

 – Offsites facilities

Adma-Opco estimates Al-Nasr Full Field Development to require $1 billion capital expenditure.

From the FEED conclusions, this Al-Nasr phase 2 has been prepared for the EPC contracts in two packages covering both platforms and pipelines.

Adma-Opco received expression of interests of eight bidders for these two packages of Al-Nasr Phase 2:

 – Dodsal from the UAE

 – GS Engineering and Construction from South Korea

 – Hyundai Heavy Industries from South Korea

 – Larsen & Toubro from India

 – National Petroleum Construction Company (NPCC) from UAE

 – PunjLloyd from India

 – SK Engineering and Construction from South Korea

 – Technip from France

Al-Nasr Full Field Development is estimated to cost $1 billion capital expenditure.

Adma-Opco is expecting to receive the technical bids at the end of Q2 2013 in order to award the EPC contracts at the end of the year or on early 2014.

Considering the actual different time frame between Umm Al-Lulu, Sarb to be awarded soon for EPC execution, Adma-Opco is planning the completion of Al-Nasr Full Field Development in 2017.

 For more information and data about oil and gas and petrochemical projects go to Project Smart Explorer2B1st_Project_Smart_Explorer_Sales_Pursuit_Tool

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