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Tortue smiles at Harvest Natural Resources in Gabon

Tortue discovery paves Harvest way to Dussafu FPSO

2B1st_Project_Smart_Explorer_Sales_Pursuit_ToolThe Houston-based Harvest Natural Resources (Harvest) and its partner Panoro Energy (Panoro) from Norway hit pre-salt crude oil again with the Tortue discovery in the Dussafu Marin License offshore Gabon.

This success paves the way to Harvest and Panoro to consider the floating production, storage and offloading (FPSO) vessel as an option to develop the multi-fields Dussafu License as a stand-alone project.

As the fourth sub-Sahara Africa largest producer of crude oil after Nigeria, Angola, Sudan and South Sudan together, Gabon has a long history with the oil and gas exploration-production.

Harvest_Dussafu_Tortue_Gabon_MapLed by major companies such as Shell and Total this exploration was so far concentrated on the post-salt basins where most of the fields such as Rabi, Totou have reached their maturity level.

As a result most of the investments in Gabon were flattening, just  to maintain the plateau production as long as possible such as:

 – Total in Anguille – Torpille – Avocette

 – Addax (Sinopec) in Tsiengui – Obangue

 – Shell and CNOOC in Blocks BC9 & BCD10

But the pre-salt crude oil discoveries in the Brazilian deep offshore water have motivated the companies to explore the symmetric basins lying along the west coast of Africa and especially in Gabon.

Among the major companies Total and Marathon are exploring Diaba and number of juniors, such as Ophir Energy and Vaalco Energy, are pioneering this pre-salt exploration in the Ntisna Block and Etame Marine Block.

With Dussafu Marin, Harvest and Panoro are part of this junior league looking very promising in Gabon.

Harvest and Panoro to develop pre-salt Gabon Gamba

In 2008, Panoro acquired Premier Oil shares in Dussafu in a first operation, then Perenco, in a second time, sold its stakes jointly to Harvest and Panoro so that today, they share the working interests as following:

 – Harvest 66.67% is the operator

 – Panoro 33.33%

Dussafu Marin is a large block of 2,775 square kilometers lying in the southern Gabon basin along the boarder with the Congo territorial water.

Harvest_Panoro_Dussafu_Gabon_ExplorationBecause of its proximity to the shore and its position on the West Africa Continental Shelf by only 200 meter water depth, Dussafu could be explored already in the 1970s.

Since then 20 wells were drilled out of which 4 hit crude oil and 1 natural gas.

Anyway the presence of oil could be detected in all wells.

On last quarter 2012, Harvest drilled the Dussafu Tortue Marin-1 (DTM-1) well by 110 meters water depth and 3,380 meters total depth to reach pre-salt crude oil in the Gamba and Dentale reservoirs.

Then Harvest and Panoro appraised the Tortue discovery with a side track well (DTM-1ST1) 540 meter distant from the original well.

The Tortue side rack well met the reservoir by 3,420 meter total depth.

This Tortue oil discovery comes up after the previous successes in Ruche Marin -A, Walt Whitman and Moubenga discoveries.

From these discoveries, Harvest and Panoro estimated the reserves of the Dussafu Block around 45 million barrels of crude oil.

Based on this first evaluation and in the meantime to get the conclusions of the 3D seismic analysis currently in progress, Harvest and Panoro are already working on the concepts to develop Dussafu.

Benchmarking the neighboring blocks such as Etame operated by Vaalco Energy or Lucina and M’Bia, Harvest and Panoro are considering the FPSO as a likely option.

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