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Tata Chemicals in Brief

Leadership with Trust

Established in 1939 at Mithapur in the State of Gujarat, India, Tata Chemicals Limited (TCL) is actually headquartered in Mumbai, in the State of Maharashtra, and belongs to the India group Tata.

Tata Chemical is listed in the national stock exchange of India as TATACHEM separately from the Tata Group.

Focusing on the fertilizer activity, Tata Chemicals is the second largest producer of soda ash in the world.

Tata Chemicals built up its market leadership in the fertilizer business from the production and distribution of branded and iodised salt as well as nitrogen and phosphatic fertilizers.

From this local leadership, Tata Chemicals expanded its soda ash business on a global base over the last few years.

It started in local leadership in establishing a  50/50 joint venture with Chambal Fertilisers to form the Indo Maroc Phosphore SA in 2005.

Then, in UK, Tata Chemicals acquired Brunner Mond group in 2006 and in USA, Tata Chemicals took over General Chemical Industrial Products Inc in 2008 to become the world second largest producer of soda ash.

From its core business in fertilizers, Tata Chemicals exports to Europe, Africa, South East Asia and the Middle East a large portfolio of chemical products covering:

 – Soda ash, caustic soda, salt, cement, sodium bicarbonate, bromine and bromine based compounds and gypsum

 – Nitrogen fertilizersphosphatic fertilisers like di-ammonium phosphate, NPK complexes and  di-ammonium phosphate, NPK complexes

 – Food additives, salt, iodised salt, crystalline salt, vacuum salt and pure salt, representing over 40% market share in the branded salt segment in India

In parallel to these industrial activities, Tata Chemicals developed the Agri-services to set up a network of Tata Kisan Sansars (or Tata farmer centres) in the northern Indian states of Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana and Uttaranchal, to support the local farmers.

Today Tata Chemicals main facilities are located in:

 – India, the UK, Kenya and the USA for the soda ash

 – Mithapur, India for the cement

 – Badrala in India for the nitrogen-based fertilizer

 – Haldia in India for the phosphatic fertiliser

Tata Chemicals Key Figures

 -March 2012 Revenues: $1,51 billion

 -March 2011 Revenues: $1,17 billion

 -March 2010 Revenues: $1,02 billion

 – March 2012 Earnings: $0,11 billion

 -March 2011 Earnings: $0,07 billion

 -March 2010 Earnings: $0,08 billion

 -March 2012 Capital Expenditure: $0,87 billion

 -March 2011 Capital Expenditure: $0,92 billion

 -March 2010 Capital Expenditures: $0,92 billion

 Tata Chemicals Projects and Business Highlights

Despite the economical slowdown since 2008, the growth in emerging countries remains sustainable for the fundamental needs.

Tata Group and Tata Chemicals analyze the fertilizer business as one of these markets preserved from any down turn as the building blocks of sensitive supply chain in the food and agriculture sectors.

In 2011, Tata Chemicals took 30.6% stake in the Canadian company EPM Mining Ventures.

EPM Mining Venture is an exploration-stage potash development company completing Tata Chemicals activities.

Actually EPM is working on a world class project to develop the production of sulfate of potash from the Sevier Dry Utah, USA.

Then in Africa, Tata Chemicals took 25% of the Gabon Fertilizer Company, a joint venture between the Singapore-based company Olam and the Gabon Government.

The purpose of this joint venture is to build a $1.3 billion ammonia and urea fertilizerin Port Gentil in Gabon.

In this project, Tata Chemicals will provide project management consultancy (PMC) during the construction phase and services for the operations and maintenance when running.

Being cautious of its capital expenditure, Tata Chemicals’ strategy is to continue to consolidate its global market leadership region by region either by medium size acquisition, such as EPM Mining Ventures, either in taking share in large projects such as Gabon Fertilizer.

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