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Saudi Aramco pre-qualify bidders for offshore Maintain Potential Program

Aramco to select two consultants for broader MPP work

The national oil company (NOC) Saudi Aramco will select two engineering companies to provide its offshore Maintain Potential Program (MPP) with project management consultancy (PMC) services for the next period starting on 2015.

Saudi Aramco Maintain Potential Program is running for years with the mission to manage all the maintenance, revamping or expansion operations of the State-owned company on its offshore facilities.

Saudi_Aramco_Offshore_Maintain_Potential_Program_PMC_Contract_RenewalFor the last eleven years, this MPP contract has been handled by WorleyParsons, employing more than 350 people in Saudi Arabia in that purpose.

During that period, WorleyParsons acted as PMC for the installation of more than 300 wells, 180 kilometers of subsea cables and flowlines, 45 new platforms and the revamping of more than 100 existing platforms.

On May 2013, Saudi Aramco renewed WorleyParsons MPP contract for the fourth times but for a period of two years in order to fall in second quarter 2015 in synchronization  with the parallel long term engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) agreement ending up on the same period.

So far the maintenance operations on Saudi Aramco offshore installations were rather conventional as most of them were located in shallow water of the Persian Gulf and running classical oil and gas production processes.

Aramco to extend MPP to future Red Sea operations 

For a couple of years Saudi Aramco is exploring intensively the Red Sea deep water on the west coast of Saudi Arabia in expecting to find natural gas fields that could help to compensate the actual gas resources running too short to continue to support Kingdom industrial and economical development.

In addition the existing offshore installations in the Persian Gulf will require the integration of enhanced oil recovery (EOR) technologies in order to maintain the plateau production.

Saudi-Aramco-Offshore-Maintenance_Potential_Program_RenewallBecause of the planned deep offshore activities and the adoption of new technologies on existing facilities, Saudi Aramco has significantly the scope of work and competences that the future MPP consultancy contract should cover.

Saudi Aramco conducted the new pre-qualification process of the future bidders in this new context of requirements in assessing their respective facilities all over the globe.

In respect with the largest scope of work to be awarded, Saudi Aramco pre-qualified seven engineering companies

These engineering companies are, for five of them, already pre-qualified under their General Engineering Services Plus (GES+ or GES-plus) qualification with Saudi Aramco, plus two more companies:


 – Fluor qualified GES+

 – Foster Wheeler

 – KBR qualified GES+

 – Mustang Engineering qualified GES+

 – SNC Lavalin qualified GES+

 – WorleyParsons qualified GES+

With the commercial offers expected on the third quarter 2014, Saudi Aramco is planning to make the final decision in 2015 to pick up two engineering companies out of the seven to provide the offshore Maintain Potential Program with project management consultancy services for the next five years.

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