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Proof of Concept


proof-of-conceptA Proof of Concept, or mostly referred as “PoC”, is the earliest step of development of any Use Case within digital organisation.
The PoC ambition is not to overwhelm the total Use Case but to prove the efficiency of the selected solution to tackle it. The PoC targets to explore the resolution of a pain point in a short time with little expense.




TryFailSucessThe wording “Proof of Concept” is mostly used in digital environment but now spread in every sector to qualify a good intermediate production between an idea and a prototype. The PoC tries to solve the riskiest part of a Use case to prove its global feasibility.

A PoC is therefore mostly valuable to the critical portion of a project, calling for little time and resources to be completed. The Proof of Concept is consequently an excellent agile approach to apply the “Fast to try, fast to fail” strategy. Thus, an organization can easily explore varied horizons, for example of Industrie 4.0, not to miss any given opportunity.

But the risk is to accumulate a large amount of PoCs without being able to transform them into industrialized project, losing the capital of the initiative. Not to forget that the creation of value only arrives at the industrialized stage, requiring a continue monitoring from the idea to the total implementation (discover one solution for it here).

Proof of Concept can be use either to demonstrate a product, a service, a technology, a business model, a collaborative partnership or a market need. And especially in the digital revolution of Industry, every single project requires a Proof of Concept. This stamp is mandatory for IoT and IoS technologies to be approved and implemented.

Not to be confused with the Minimum Viable Product (or MVP) which is a basic product addressed to Beta customers, the Proof of Concept is not meant to exit innovation laboratory.

Today, Proof of Concept appears as a first mile stone of every innovation project to test its interest before scalable implementation and industrialization.



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