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Petroleum & Chemical Industry Conference Abu Dhabi 2014 ready

PCIC Middle-East published 2014 Technical Program

2B1st_Project_Smart_Explorer_Sales_Pursuit_ToolThe next Petroleum & Chemical Industry Conference (PCIC) Middle-East released its technical program for the next edition to take place at the Abu Dhabi InterContinental Hotel on February 3rd and 4th, 2014 in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Organized with the support of the Petroleum & Chemical Industry Committee Europe (PCIC Europe), the PCIC Middle-East Conference is confirmed to be the premier forum for electrical and instrumentation engineers to exchange good practices in the Oil & Gas and Petrochemical industry.

Covering all applications of the exploration-production, refining, chemical and pharmaceutical, the PCIC Middle-East Conference intends to be exclusively a technical forum to address the following topics:

 – Electrical Safety

PCIC_Middle_East_Logo_conference – Energy Efficiency & Sustainable Development

 – New Safety Regulations and Standards

 – Electrical & Instrumentation Installation Practices

 – Products, Systems and Solutions

 – Training and Qualification of the Personnel

The presented papers are selected because of their immediate value for the local contracting and operating companies.

Their authors are recognized experts in the world with a long track records of well documented publications.

To guaranty the quality of the selected papers, PCIC Middle-East  Technical Committee is formed of representatives from:

 – End Users: BP, ExxonMobil, Hess, Sabic, Shell, Statoil, Total

 – Engineering companies and organizations: 2B1st Consulting, Technip, ZVEI

 – Manufacturers: ABB, Eaton, Emerson, Schneider-Electric, Siemens, Thermon

Day-One PCIC Middle-East Technical Program

PCIC_Middle-East_Conference_Abu-Dhabi_2014For the PCIC Middle-East Conference 2014, the Technical Committee proposes the following Technical Program:

 1) Protection Engineering

     – Application of Instantaneous Zone Selective Interlock and Selective Instantaneous Waveform Recognition Mitigating Arc Flash

     – 24/7 Thermal Monitoring with Low Load Protection – A Predictive Solution for Arc Flash Prevention

 2) Large Machines

     – Availability/Upgrading/Refundant Control of VSDS High Power Compressors of Steam Crackers

     – The Effects of Structural and Localized Resonances on Induction Motor Performance

 3) large Machines and Standards

     – IEC Standards for Variable Speed Drives and Motors Winding Insultation

     – Certified Facility Scheme

 4) System Engineering

     – Dealing with VFDs Earth Leakage Currents in ATEX Context

     – Optimization of Pipeline Energy Consumption

Day-Two PCIC Middle-East Technical Program

 5) Asset Management

     – Advanced Condition Based Management and Energy Efficiency Solutions Through Intelligent Process Instrumentation and Analytic Technologies

     – Modem Approach to Achieve Demanding Performance for Large Oil & Gas Infrastructure

 6) Standards for Safe Installation

     – IEC 60079-14 Electrical Installations Design, Selection and Erection from a Standardization Perspective

     – IEC 60079-14 Electrical Installations Design, Selection and Erection – Important Changes in Standards

 7) Switchgear

     – Why Neutral-Grounding Resistors Need Continuous Monitoring

     – Progress in Medium Voltage Switchgear Through Sensors and IEC 61850 Technology

 8) Installation

     – Fire-Resistive, Circuit Integrity Cables Suitable for Hydrocarbon Fires and Remote Operated Shut Off Valves in the Petroleum and Chemical Industries Compliant to API, IEEE and IEC Standards

     – Cable Transit Devices (CTD’s) – Why Owners and EPC Should Consider CTD’s in Design Practices

PCIC Middle-East – Best place for training & networking

Technical_ProgramIn addition to its advanced technical content, the PCIC Middle-East Conference offers a unique opportunity for networking within a well balanced attendance between operating companies, EPCs and contractors, and manufacturers.

Each paper presentation is followed by questions and discussion offering a chance to dig deeper in each topic.

The quality of the speakers and the interactivity between all attendees contributed to make the previous PCIC Middle-East Conference a great success, thus preparing solid ground for a fruitful PCIC Middle-East Conference 2014.

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