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Kuwait Oil Company completed FEED on Lower Fars phase 1

KOC to invest $7 billion in Lower Fars heavy crude oil

The national upstream Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) is considering to move into the engineering, procurement and construction (EPC)stage for the Lower Fars phase-1 project since WorleyParsons completed the front end engineering and design (FEED) work in 2012.

This phase-1 is part of the Lower Fars heavy crude oil scheme planned by KOC to meet its oil production targets for 2018.

These targets of crude oil production have been defined with the OPEC organization in order to guaranty its member to represent at least 40% of the global production.

This 40% is the minimum level that OPEC members consider to control crude oil market prices.

For Kuwait it means to produce 4 million b/d in 2020 compared with the actual 3 million b/d.

In respect with the depletion of the oil fields currently in operation, Kuwait measured that only the al-Ratqa heavy crude oil fields in the north of the country have enough in-place reserves to provide Kuwait with sufficient quantities to compensate the depletion and to bring additional barrels to meet 2018 targets.

KOC is aiming at a first step of 60,000 b/d production out of the heavy crude oil fields in 2018 to ramp it up to 270,000 b/d by 2020.

KOC estimated the development of the Lower Fars heavy crude oil field to require $7 billion capital expenditure.

Lower Fars will be the first crude oil field development in Kuwait to use unconventional technique such as the cyclic steam stimulation (CSS).

The purpose is to deploy the most advanced techniques of enhanced oil recovery (EOR) to stretch the plateau production as long as possible.

In this context, the Lower Fars phase-1 project will include:

 – Data colletion

 – Drilling operations for hundreds wells

 – Perform pilot cases combining EOR techniques to optimize production

 – Water treatment facilities

 – Infrastructures in respect with the remote location in the north of Kuwait. 

WorleyParsons designed Lower Fars in three packages

Since WorleyParsons completed the FEED on this Lower Fars phase-1, KOC is willing to move into the EPC stage for which three packages shall be awarded.

The first package is the most important with:

 – Crude oil central processing facilities (CPF)

 – Water treatment plant

 – Hazardous waste disposal treatment plant for water effluent

The second package is to link production location with Al-Ahmadi export terminal on the coast with:

 – Infield pipelines system

 – Water supply inlet pipeline to the CPF from Sulaibiya water treatment plant

 – Export pipeline of 24-inch diameter and 165 kilometers long

The third package will contains:

 – Offsites and utilities

 – Local production infrastructures

In respect with the unusual aspects of the project KOC will assess the expertise of the potential bidders in the different techniques to be used in this first heavy crude oil development.

Most likely, most of the engineering companies will need to team up in consortium to cover all required specialties.

KOC should call for bids on first half 2013 in order to make the final investment decision (FID) on the second half for this Lower Fars phase-1 heavy crude oil project.

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    So pleas if you can send me acomplet research aout lower fars formation and the devekopment of reservoires(Ghar and kower fars)
    Abd Neia Al-atabi

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