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Future of Manufacturing in UK

Back from Services to UK Re-Industrialisation

logo_2B1stThe UK is the developed country where the contribution of the Industry to the GDP has reached the lowest level in falling below 12% in the mid-2000s years.

Everything was about finance or services, and the production delocalization to China was perceived as a positive sign of value creation.

Services was perceived as the “Sacred way” to create value from nothing and during years the UK promoted itself to other developed countries as the model of the future economies.  

In 2008, the subprime crisis rang as a wake-up call to realize that the virtual economy was hardly sustainable without a solid industry to support it.

UK_Future-of-Manufacturing_Industry_in_GDPIf industry represents only 10% of the UK gross value, it contributes for more than 50% to its exports and 72% of its research and development activities. 

In the 2010s years, the UK Government mobilized more than 300 multi-disciplinary experts from 25 different countries coming from various industries, universities and businesses to analyze all the aspects of the topics and make recommendations to the UK Government.

Led by Cables & Wireless Communications Plc, this experts group submitted in October 2013 its report to the UK Government Office for Science and Department for Business, Innovation and Skills.

Drawing lessons learnt from the UK Government industrial policies during the previous decades, the Future of Manufacturing expert group compared the UK with international industry policies.

Experts set UK Future of Manufacturing Vision 2050

As World leading exporter Germany and its Industrie 4.0 program has been scrutinized in more details by the UK Future of Manufacturing expert group.

This Future of Manufacturing expert group addressed not only the technological topics, but also the consequences on the employment, the required legal environment and the role of the energy.

Week 21In the same time, the first estimations about potential unconventional oil and gas resources switched a light of hope to replicate in the Kingdom the US shale gas “miracle”.

In this context theFuture of Manufacturingappeared as the most obvious opportunity to restore the industry sector and return to a certain balance between the real and virtual economies.

In 2014, UK has become the first country in Europe by the number of cars produced.

In taking this pole position from Spain, UK got the opportunity to promote this first success as the fruits from its policy to support industrial investments in the UK.

To speed up the implementation of its “Future of Manufacturing” program, UK is deploying “Catapult Centers” to mobilize locally the industries, the universities and national institutions.

After reviewing all the challenges and opportunities, the UK Future of Manufacturing program is now moving in practice toward its vision 2050.

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