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Cyber Physical Systems (CPS)



The Cyber Physical Systems (CPS) refer to all the technologies enabling computerized resources and physical objects to interact together in a coordinated, reliable and continuous manner for performing multiple give tasks.

As illustrated in the Figure on the left, these CPS may combine hardware and software from physic, biology, engineering and information technologies.
The first examples of CPS appeared in Germany during the Second World War with integrated systems to monitor the aircraft wings.
Since, the CPS were mainly developed in the aerospace industry.


More recently they contributed to the dawning of the nanotechnologies and mechatronics sciences.
If the CPS has today found number of applications in all industrial sectors, the big data technologies have opened a new dimension in the digitization of the industry.


With the big data solutions, it becomes possible for a manufacturing entity to extend the field of applications of one particular CPS and even better to connect several CPS together.


Thus the big data solutions are helping a company to deploy its digitization level from independent systems to its entire manufacturing process.


Assuming that all the companies have reached this first level of integration, the “Future of Manufacturing” introduces the next levels of industrial digitization by the interconnection of these companies together.


Typically, Internet of Things will embrace all the applications born from the CPS technologies such as:
  • Smart sensors
  • Microelectronic
  • Expert systems
  • Component or equipment with embedded communication software.

To communicate together all these ‘Things” need to be aligned along the same standards and require security protection to ensure their reliability while in operation.

  • Cloud computing
  • Collaborative platforms
  • Collaborative models
  • Semantic sciences

In conclusion, we can say that the digitization of the “Connected world” results from the seamless combination of three layers:

  • Smart solutions (Industrie 4.0 in Smart Factory / Smart Plant)
  • Internet of Things
  • Internet of Services




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