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Chevron to increase local content for Tengiz Future Growth Project

Fluor and WorleyParsons in JV with KING and KGNT

2B1st_Project_Smart_Explorer_Sales_Pursuit_ToolIn May 2012, TengizChevrOil (TCO), the joint venture between Chevron, ExxonMobil, KazMunaiGas (KMG) and LukArco (Lukoil), awarded a first FEED and EPCM contract to a Fluor-led joint venture with WorleyParsons and Kazakh companies KING and KGNT for the Wellhead Pressure Management package of the Tengiz Future Growth Project (FGP) in Kazakhstan

Together with the Korolev field, Tengiz is one of the world largest crude oil field discovered on the last 40 years.                                           

Chevron_Kazakhstan_Tengiz-Oil-field-mapLocated in western Kazakhstan, Tengiz and Korolev are given to hold 26 billion barrels of crude oil as in-place reserves out of which 6 to 9 billion (23 to 35%) should be recoverable reserves.

Tengiz field covers 2,500 square kilometers with one of the world onshore deepest reservoir as lying between 4,000 and 6,000 meter deep.

Discovered in the 1930s, the natural pressure of the reservoir due to its deep in the ground geologic position and its content of highly corrosive sour gas were causing some challenges for large scale exploration and production until Kazakhstan and Chevron signed a 40 years agreement and formed the TengizChevrOil (TCOjoint venture in 1993.

Because of the size and complexity of the field, Kazakhstan and Chevron opened the TCO joint venture to other partners so that they share today the working interests between:

TengizChevroil_Future_Growth_Project_Process – Chevron 50% is the operator

 – ExxonMobil 25%

 – KazMunaiGas (KMG) 20%

 – LukArco (Lukoil5%.

Since 1994, Chevron and its partners started to build series of crude oil processing facilities, called Complex Technology Lines (KTL), to ramp up the production of crude oil, natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and sulfur.

As Tengiz is rich of sour gas, TCO decided to use it to compensate the natural depletion of the field by re-injection in the reservoir.

Together with Fluor and WorleyParsons, Chevron and its partners ExxonMobil, KMG and Lukoil, developed this technology with new processes called:

 – Second Generation Plant (SGP)

 – Sour Gas Injection (SGF) facilities

This SGP/SGF technology was implemented in 2008 boosting the crude oil production to 540,000 b/d.

Since 1993, Chevron invested $20 billion to develop Tengiz and introduce this unique enhanced oil recovery (EOR) solution based on high pressure hydrogen sulfide injection.

From this successful experience, Chevron is working on the deployment of this sour gas injection solution at large scale on the Tengiz field with the TCO Future Growth Project.

With the Future Growth Project, TCO is willing to take a leap in boosting again the crude oil production from 24.2 million tonnes (193 million barrels) in 2012 to 36 million tonnes (290 million barrels) in 2016

GE Nuovo Pignone to supply the gas compressors

Chevron and its partners ExxonMobil, KMG and Lukoil will invest up to $20 billion capital expenditure in this Future Growth Project (FGP) to be developed in three phases:

Chevron_Tengiz_Future_Growth_Project_Sour_Gas_Injection – Extensive drilling program of 190 wells

 – Wellhead pressure management program (WPMP)

 – Sour gas injection

The drilling program is already on going to deploy the production wells and injection wells across Tengiz field.

Then TCO selected for the so called FGP – WPMP project the KPJV  joint venture made on Fluor,WorleyParsons and the local contractors KING and KGNT for the design and engineering of the wellhead pressure management program package.

Within the KPJV joint venture, the engineering companies share interests such as:

 – Fluor 30% is the leader

 – WorleyParsons 30%

 – KING 20%

 – KGNT 20%

In parallel GE Nuovo Pignone has been selected for the compressors.

Most of the engineering work will be performed in Farnborough Fluor and  WorleyParsons office.

The project to be executed in modular design includes:

Chevron_Kazakhstan_Fluor_WorleryParsons_Tengiz_FGP_Modular_Design – New gathering system

 – Crude processing facilities with 260,000 b/d capacity

 – Crude tank farm

 – Gas processing facilities with 960 million cf/d capacity

 – Power generation

 – Offsites and utilities

Regarding the contracting activities, Kazakhstan is keen to show how much such giant project can contribute to the development of the local communities.

Actually 80% of TCO employees are Kazakh and  the local Authorities expect this percentage to increase with the Future Growth Project in performing most of the construction work in Kazakhstan.

This sourcing strategy motivates Fluor and WorleyParsons to design the Wellhead pressure management package in modules

Chevron is the largest producer of crude oil in Kazkahstan; in combining Fluor and WorleyParsons experience in sour gas injection together with a strong local content sourcing policy, Chevron and its partners ExxonMobil, KMG and Lukoil expect to implement the sour gas injection in the Tengiz Future Growth Project with the good acceptance of the local communities.

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