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Chevron and Dana to extend UK Captain life with chemical injection

Chevron validated chemical EOR to maintain Captain

2B1st_Project_Smart_Explorer_Sales_Pursuit_ToolThe Californian San Ramon-based international oil company (IOC) Chevron Corporation (Chevron) and its partner Dana Petroleum (Dana), a Korean National Oil Company‘s subsidiary, have validated the conclusions of the pilot study to test the performances of the chemical injection as the preferred enhanced oil recovery techniques (EOR) to maintain the production at their Captain oil and gas field in the UK North Sea.

Located 140 kilometers northeast of Aberdeen in Scotland, Captain is lying by 106 meters of water depth in the Block 13/22a on the UK Continental Shelf

Chevron_Captain_EOR_Project_MapDiscovered in 1977, Texaco Corporation (Texaco) turned Captain on production only in 1997 because of the complexity of it reservoir combining heavy crude oil and gas.

From these early days,  Texaco which in the meantime merged with Chevron had decided to develop Captain in three phases A, B and C

Currently Chevron and Dana share the working interest in Captain such as:

 – Chevron 85% is the operator

 – Dana 15%

Through the multiple phases of development Captain is now structured around two platforms, a wellhead protection platform (WPP) and a bridge-linked platform (BLP), and a floating, production, storage and offloading (FPSO) vessel.

The FPSO is separating the oil and gas before processing them and exporting them through shuttle tankers for the oil and pipeline for the gas.

Because of its viscosity between 19 and 21 degree API, the heavy crude oil requires to mobilize all available EOR techniques to move it up in beginning with water injection.

Having reached the Phase-2C of its development, Chevron and Dana intend to boost Captain in order to maintain its UK North Sea production until 2020.

Chevron Captain EOR platform to reach FEED stage

In order to evaluate the most efficient EOR solutions in this perspective, Chevron implemented a pilot project based on polymers chemical injection.

In 2014, Chevron and its partner Dana validated the performances of this chemical EOR solution and started the feasibility study to implement it in Captain at large scale.

Chevron_Captain_EOR_Bridge-Linked-Platform_ProjectUnfortunately the existing facilities of the twin platforms and the FPSO are already running at the limits of capacity in the topsides, thus cannot support any additional equipment.

In order to support the EOR process required to prepare the polymers mixture and perform the chemical injection in Captain, Chevron and Dana must consider to add a new bridge-linked platform, the Captain EOR BLP.

This Captain EOR BLP should be made of a 5,500 tonnes jacket to support 5,500 tonnes topsides and 150 tonnes bridge.

This new platform should hold 800 cubic meters storage capacity of the polymers.

Then in respect with the aging FPSO, Chevron is also studying its replacement either by another BLP in combination with a floating storage unit (FSU) or an export pipeline to shore.

In a first step, Chevron and its partner Dana awarded the front end engineering and design (FEED) contract for the Captain EOR bridge-linked platform.

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