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Braskem & PetroPeru Petrochemical complex on track

Camisea gas for the $3.5 billion Peru Southern Project

 Brazilian and Peruvian Governments have approved the Camisea Southern gas pipeline project, the Integrated Petrochemical Complex planned by Braskem and PetroPeru will get the necessary ethane feedstock. 

Odebrecht will lead the Brazilian  consortium to build the $5 billion capital expenditure Peru’s Southern Andean Gas Pipeline from the Camisea gas fields to Quillabamba to supply a Power plant and the Braskem Petrochemical complex.

Braskem, the leading thermoplastic resin producer in the Americas, and Petroleos Del Peru (PetroPeru), a state-owned company dedicated to the transportation, refining and sale of fuels and other oil by-products, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on November 2011 to perform the project feasibility study of this Integrated Petrochemical Complex.

PetroPeru, plans to have a minority interest in the project.

The aim of the project feasibility study is about implanting units in the Quillabamba Petrochemical complex for the integrated production of:

 – 1.2 million t/y Ethylene

 – 1.2 million t/y Polyethylene


If feasibility is confirmed and assuming the successful negotiation of the definitive agreements and approval by the shareholders of both companies, the undertaking will be part of the so-called Integrated Southern Project.

For PetroPeru the project’s great advantage lies in its strategic location on the Pacific coast and its capacity to attend not only the Peruvian market, but also other countries in the Andean region.

This Quillabamba project is in line with Braskem‘s strategic vision to build a global Market Leadership in the petrochemical sector by 2020 through a combination of domestic market growth, alternative and competitive raw material sources and the pursuit of opportunities for international expansion into new markets, especially in the Americas.

The completion of the Quillabamba Petrochemical complex is expected in 2016

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