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Blue Hydrogen


Blue Hydrogen, not to be confused with Grey Hydrogen and Green Hydrogen, is an hybrid concept targeting to decarbonize today hydrogen production.

As you can understand from our article on the Grey Hydrogen production, the current process of hydrogen production is a large contributor of global warming gas emissions, especially carbon dioxide (CO2).

Thus, the concept of what is called Blue Hydrogen is a combination of a Grey Hydrogen plant with a facility of Carbon Capture.

Turning a reforming reaction of natural gas into a neutral process by reducing to zero CO2 emissions

Blue Hydrogen
Blue Hydrogen : Reforming hydrogen from natural gas while Capturing and Sequestrating the Carbon produced


The process of hydrogen production in the Grey and Blue Hydrogen are the same, with the only difference for the Blue the CO2 emitted is immediatly captured in the reaction to be later stored underground.

Once traped underground, in empty gas/oil fields or caverns, the CO2 is sequestrated and has no negative impact on global warming, while the hydrogen produced can be used as an energy fuel.

Blue Hydrogen versus Green Hydrogen
Blue and Green Hydrogen production

The Blue Hydrogen can be, from an ideological standpoint, overshadowed by the Green Hydrogen in our pursuit of a clean fuel production.

Yet, from the technological side of the matter, Green Hydrogen is not mature enough to answer today energy transition challenge.

Thus, Blue Hydrogen appears a the only viable production solution for Hydrogen in the 5 to 10 years outlook.

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