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Anadarko optimistic in US Gulf of Mexico Shenandoah

Anadarko to complete Shenandoah appraisal program

2B1st_Project_Smart_Explorer_Sales_Pursuit_ToolThe Texas-based Anadarko Petroleum Corporation (Anadarko) and its partners, ConocoPhillips, Cobalt International Energy (Cobalt) and Marathon Petroleum Corporation (Marathon), implement their appraisal program for the Shenandoah offshore project in the US Gulf of Mexico.

Discovered in 2009, the Shenandoah crude oil field belongs to Blocks 51 and 52 in the Walter Ridge basin and lies by 1,700 meters of water depth.

In the period 2008 – 2009, Anadarko and its partners were drilling one of the deepest exploratory well to test Shenandoah with a total depth of 9,450 meters.

But despite all the technical challenges, the Shenandoah oil field appeared immediately promising.

Anadarko_Shenandoah_Offshore_Platform_Project_MapSince this first success in the Block 52 of the Walker Ridge, Anadarko and its partners extended their exploration into the Block 51.

In March 2013, Anadarko and its partners made second major discovery, the Shenandoah-2, by nearly 10,000 meters total depth.

In this Shenandoah project, Anadarko and its partners share the working interests in such a way as:

Anadarko 30% is the operator

 – ConocoPhillips 40%

 – Cobalt 20%

 – Marathon 10%

Even if it is to early to evaluate the potential oil and gas reserves, the quality of the crude oil and its fluidity allow Anadarko and its partners ConocoPhillips, Cobalt and Marathon to be optimistic about the Shenandoah offshore field and to prepare the next steps toward a future development despite the current context affecting the pure upstream projects, especially in deep offshore.

Anadarko Shenandoah reaches conceptual study stage

When Anadarko and its partners ConocoPhillips, Cobalt and Marathon published their financial results 2014 and their program of investment for 2015, they all announced cuts in their respective capital expenditures.

In this context, the development of Shenangoah could have been shelved at the profit of less challenging projects.

Anadarko_Shenandoah_Offshore_Platform_Project_FEEDInstead, Anadarko and its partners decided to move ahead in drilling a third exploratory well and to continue appraisal program in following.

In this perspective, Anadarko is planning to drill the Shenandoah-4 during summer time.

If this third well is confirming expectations arisen as a result from the two first wells Shenandoah-1 and Shenandoah-2, Shenandoah could rank among the largest discoveries in the Gulf of Mexico these last years.

Therefore Anadarko and its partners have started to work on the conceptual design of the Shenandoah project.

In the case Shenandoah-4 should confirm expectations about the oil and gas reserves and the quality of these resources, Anadarko and its partners would like to be ready to move on fast track.

According to current plans, Anadarko and its partners ConocoPhillips, Cobalt and Marathon, should award the front end engineering and design (FEED) for Shenandoah on last quarter 2015

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