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Zhangjiagang Propylene project moves ahead

UOP provides Propane Dehydrogenation Technology

Zhangjiagang Yangzi River Petrochemical Co. Ltd is a joint venture between:

 – New Oriental Energy Co.,

 – Huachang Chemical Co.

 – Feixang Chemical Co (a Rhodia‘s subsidiary).

Zhangjiagang  is located in the Jiangsu province, China, which is about 110 km from Shanghai.

This large scale project is to meet the growing demand in China for propylene to be used  for films and packaging production 

UOP LLC, a Honeywell company, has been selected to provide the key technology to produce this propylene

Zhangjiagang Yangzi River Petrochemical Co. Ltd will use UOP C3 Oleflex™ process technology to convert propane to propylene.

Zhangjiagang Propylene project is designed to produce 600,000 t/y propylene.

UOP will provide the engineering design, technology licensing, catalysts, adsorbents, equipment, staff training and technical service for the project.

The UOP C3 Oleflex process uses catalytic dehydrogenation to convert propane to propylene.

The Zhangjiagang Propylene project is planned for completion in 2014.

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