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Will Statoil go all subsea electrical for Johan Sverdrup?

The Johan Sverdrup giant oil field is the largest oil field discovery in 2011 in the World and the fifth biggest ever in Norway.

It is located 140 km west of Stavanger and sitting by 110 m water depth and about 2000 m deep below the sea level.

Statoil and Lundin from Sweden are the main owners of this field, they signed an Agreement giving Statoil the lead for the development and co-ordinate resources.   

Among the multiple challenges coming ahead, the Norwegian Ministry of Petroleum and Energy initiated with Statoil the project to power all the coming platforms and existing ones on nearby fields such as Dagny, Draupne and Luno fields, with a unique electrical supply from shore, the Utsira High project.

The intention is to create a framework for potentially setting up a company or partnership to own and operate the facilities that will feed the receiving platforms with power.

It is primarily the gigantic Johan Sverdrup discovery – together with Luno, Draupne and Dagny, including  Eirin – that makes such a shared power solution possible. Preparations will be made for the possible subsequent tie-in of other installations on the Norwegian continental shelf. 

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