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Shell in progress with Malikai Tension Leg Platform in Malaysia

Technip and Heerema to build and install Malikai TLP

With Malikai, Shell and its partners ConocoPhillips and Petronas are on the way to install the first tension leg platform (TLP) in Malaysia.

Through the joint venture Sabah Shell Petroleum Company, Shell and its partners selected the TLP solution from the conceptual study because of the high capabilities of this type of platform to support heavy weight at reasonable costs.

The Shell Malikai TLP should be installed in 565 meters depth, 110 kilometers offshore the State of Sabah in Malaysia.

In the Malikai field, Shell and its partners share the working interests as following:

 – Shell 35% is the operator

 – ConocoPhillips 35%

 – Petronas 30%

The Malikai project includes three packages:

 – An offshore production platform

 – Two 50 kilometers subsea export pipelines to the Kebabangan hub.

 – The transportation and the installation of the platform on site

In 2009, Shell and its partners had awarded the front end engineering and design (FEED) to the joint venture MMC AMEC between the Malaysian MMC Oil & Gas and AMEC for the development of the Malikai deep offshore project.

This FEED work was including the:

 – Topsides

 – Platform hull

 – Flowlines

 – Risers

The platform is designed as dry-tree tension leg with a boyant semisubmersible structure to support the topsides.

This structure is then anchored to the seabed with tendons.

MMC AMEC completed FEED for Shell Malikai TLP

From this FEED work, the Shell Malikai TLP should weight 23,000 tonnes where:

 – 11,000 tonnes for the hull

 – 12,000 tonnes for the topsides

With these topsides, the Malikai tension leg platform is designed to:

 – Support 34 production wells

 – Process 60,000 b/d of liquids

 – Compress 50 million cf/d of gas

 – Export 40 million cf/d of natural gas

 – Treat and inject 80,000 b/d of sea water

The production platform will be tied to an integrated drilling platform.

After the completion of the FEED, Shell and its partners were expecting to run the platform in production in 2014 but the first quotations submitted for the engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contracts were far above the budgeted cost estimated around $1 billion capital expenditure.

Petronas requesting the Malikai project to be executed in Malaysia, Shell had to re-tender the EPC contracts to reduce costs but causing one year delay to the project.

 Three teams were in competition for the tension leg platform:

 – Floated, a joint venture between McDermott and Keppel

 – Modec

 – Technip with Malaysia Marine and Heavy Engineering (MMHE)

Four companies were in competition for the transportation and the installation of the TLP:

 – Heerema Marine Contractor

 – McDermott

 – Sapura-Kencana

 – Technip

From this competition, Technip Malaysia with MMHE and the Dutch Heerema Marine Contractor are reported to win the tension leg platform EPC contract and the transportation and installation contract respectively.

The pipeline package should also be awarded soon.

After awarding the key packages to Technip and Heerema, Shell and its partners ConocoPhillips and Petronas are targeting the Malikai tension leg platform to run into production on mid 2015.

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