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Ruwais Refinery expansion on the way

The Abu Dhabi Oil Refinery Company (Takreer) is now confident in the decision the come soon for the Ruwais refinery expansion in UAE.

This refinery would have a capacity of 400,000 b/d

Capital expenditure is estimated around $10 billion

will build the new refinery to operate alongside the existing 417,000-b/d facility.

The new facility should use UOP technologies for the production of clean, low sulfur distillate and gasoline.

The main contractors are the following:

  • Axens
  • Daewoo Engineering & Construction
  • GS Engineering and Construction
  • Samsung Engineering Co. Ltd
  • SK Engineering & Construction
  • Shaw Group

The refining units should have the following capacities:

  • 59,800 b/d Unsaturated LPG treatment unit
  • 37,800 b/d C4-cut purification system
  • 127,000 b/d Residue fluid catalytic cracker (RFCC)
  • 26,000 b/d Butane Isomerization unit
  • 40,930 b/d Naphtha hydrotreater
  • Delayed Coker
  • Slurry Hydro-desulphurization Unit
  • Carbon Black Unit
  • Distillate Hydro Treating Unit
  • Propane Dehydrogenation Unit
  • Coke calcification Unit

This refinery should produce  propylene, unleaded gasoline, naphtha, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), aviation turbine fuel, kerosene, gas-oil & bunker fuel

The completion is expected in 2014

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