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RAMI 4.0



RAMI 4.0, or Reference Architectural Model Industrie 4.0, is a three-dimensional map showing how to approach the issue of Industrie 4.0 in a structured manner. RAMI 4.0 is a unified model for all the components that ensures all the participants involved in a Industrie 4.0 ecosystem to share data & information efficiently. RAMI 4.0 maps all the players of the connected industry thanks to three axes of definition:

  • Layers: Business, functional, information, communication, integration, asset
  • Life Cycle value stream: Development, production, maintenance usage
  • Hierarchies levels: Product, field device, control device, station, work centres, enterprise, connected world


RAMI 4.0 Layer

RAMI 4.0 breaks down complex processes into package, making it easy understandable, and includes by design data privacy & IT security.
It addresses and answers all the problematics about semantics, identification, functions, communication standards, internationalization and partnering for the smart factory.


With RAMI 4.0 architecture, the factory is not an overlay of layers but a network of interaction between smart products and the connected world. Functions are distributed to all participants allowing more flexible operations between systems and machines.

To connect physical thing to the Industrie 4.0 world, the RAMI 4.0 provides an administration shell which comes to be placed over the system; the system being a sensor, a machine, a unit or a plant.
Also, every asset having their own administration shell, several assets can than form a unit with a common administration shell for higher level communication and management.
Once connected to the physical system, the shell serves as the network’s standardized communication interface to share all data and information about the asset.

As described, RAMI 4.0 function is to transform physical objects into their interoperable digital twin. Bringing the industrial world in the IoT, RAMI 4.0 is the root of the Industrie 4.0 revolution.






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