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Polyacetal is the common name for PolyOxyMethylene (POM).

Polyacetal may also be called Polyformaldehyde as produced from formaldehyde.

The Polyacetal is a polyether existing under two forms Homopolymer and Copolymer


Polyacetal was invented by Dupont de Nemours in 1953

Polyacetal is a high crystalline thermoplastic

This high crystalline structure of the polyacetal provides higher performances than most of other thermoplastics.

Polyacetal has a good resistance to wear, abrasion and fatigue with low friction coefficient.

Polyacetal should not be exposed to acids.

POM offers a high level of stability, hardness and rigidity.

Polyacetal is also stable:

 – Under machining operations and shocks absorption

 – Low temperatures with high dimensional stability

 – In electrical applications

Polyacetal is physiologically safe with a low level of humidity absorption but not convenient for food applications.

For these reasons, Polyacetal is considered as a high performance plastic used for

 – Industrial applications, such as bearings and gears

 –  Automotive parts, such as fuel, lube oil or grease receivers

 – Surgery for artificial hips and femoral junctions 

 – Mechanical precision parts

 – Electrical industry

 – Sport such as ski biddings

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