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PDO plans for Marmul Polymer Project phases 2 and 3

Oman to invest $1 billion in new Chemical EOR

2B1st_Project_Smart_Explorer_Sales_Pursuit_ToolPetroleum Development Oman (PDO) is working on the expansion of its Marmul Polymer project with flooding enhanced oil recovery (EOR) technique to maintain and increase the current production of heavy crude oil.

Oman is one of the first country in the Middle East to explore and develop heavy crude oil and PDO is the largest oil company in the Sultanate cooperating for years with internal companies such as Shell or Occidental Petroleum (Oxy)

PDO_Marmul_Polymer_Expansion_Project_MapDiscovered in 1956, the Marmul field is classified among the extreme heavy crude oil with one of the highest viscosity in the region.

Located in the south of Oman, 200 kilometers northeast of Salalah, Marmul field is mainly producing out of the Al-Khlata reservoir.

In Oman the production of heavy crude oil peaked in the 1990s with the first maturing fields starting to decline in the 1980s because of the complexity of the geology in this region.

From this period Oman pioneered in the Middle East the most advanced techniques to maintain the plateau production and prevent the depletion of these challenging heavy crude oil fields.

With the support of the engineering services company, Mott MacDonald, PDO experimented almost all the EOR techniques: steam injection, miscible gas injection, and polymer injection.

Especially deployed in the Qarn Alam and Marmul fields these efforts to deploy the EOR as a common production practice started to pay back in 2009 with 17% oil production increase.

Marmul has been the first field where Oman started to use the polymer flooding solution of EOR.

The purpose of this polymer flooding technique is to amplify the sweeping effect of the water injected in the reservoir.

PDO to add 500 wells in Marmul Polymer expansion

In mixing polymers in the water, the resulting liquid turns more viscous so that its flows under high pressure more aggressively in the pores of the reservoir to remove more effectively the laying extreme heavy crude oil.

In the first phase of the Marmul Polymer project PDO installed 27 wells and a first processing plant.


The purpose of this facility is to prepare the mixture of the chemicals with water to be injected in the wells, then to treat the collected heavy crude oil to separate the water and chemicals.

The crude oil is exported meanwhile the water and chemicals are recycled.

In this first phase the water treatment plant has a capacity of 80,000 cubic meter per day and in parallel the polymer unit is able to prepare 17,500 cubic meter a day. 

Since 2010, PDO managed with this process to maintain the oil production around 60,000 to 70,000 barrels per day and to provide some additional 8,000 b/d from Al-Khlata reservoir.

From this successful first experience, PDO is now considering the Marmul Polymer phases 2 and 3 that would require approximately $1 billion capital expenditure.

PDO_Marmul_Polymer_InjectionStill based on the proven flooding EOR technique, the phase 2 would simply add 19 wells for injection corresponding to the available capacity of the water treatment plant and polymer handling facility.

Actually this Marmul polymer phase 2 project is about the optimization of the phase 1 at minimum capital expenditure.

With the Marmul Polymer phase 3, PDO is changing the scale of the project as it plans to install more than 500 wells to cost more than $1 billion capital expenditure.

PDO is currently working on the feasibility study of this phase 3 that would make Marmul the world largest polymer flooding EOR project to include:

 – 4.0 kilometer pipeline for gross liquids

 – 1.1 kilometer pipeline for produced water

 – Separator for 30,000 m3/d of liquid and 208,907 cubic meter per day of gas

 – Free water knock out tank for inlet flow of 50,000 cm/d

 – 3 Water Booster pumps each of capacity 22,000 cm/d

 – Concentric Wash/ Storage unit for inlet flow of 10,000 cm/d

 – 2 Indirect Fired Hot Oil Heaters each with inlet flow of 4,000 cm/d

With all the downstream projects planned in Oman for refining and petrochemicals, this PDO Marmul Polymer phase 2 and 3 project gives a unique opportunity to the Sultanate to increase crude oil production significantly as valuable feedstock for minimum capital expenditure and implementation time frame.

For more information and data about oil and gas and petrochemical projects go to Project Smart Explorer

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