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New blog category of information: One day – One Company

2B1st, we propose you a new category of information

For months we run a blog and publish a Newsletter every day with three categories of information:

 One day – One News

 – One day – One Project

 – One day – One Word

With these categories of information we intend to address different topics.

One day – One News

The News, in our understanding, is not necessary a breaking news as media chase it, we are not journalists, we are engineers and operational managers, so our attention goes to the News carrying potential step change in the oil and gas and petrochemical industry in the following areas:

 – Technology and innovation

 – Partnerships and Strategic alliances between companies

 – Company’s strategy

 – Exploration, development and production

 – Standards and regulations

One day – One Project

The Project category is to give you a detailed description of the project:

  – Where it is located

 – Who are the key players as stakeholders, consultants engineering companies and contractors

 – What are the key figures

 – How looks like the expected planning

 – Which stage stands the project

 – Warn on key requirements or potential challenges

 – Highlight the main opportunities

As much as possible we illustrate these information with map and pictures

One day – One Word

The Word category is to provide a definition as simple as possible of the selected word of the day.

These explanations are given specifically in the context of the oil and gas and petrochemical industry and are supported by picture, drawing and comments to help non-experts to capture the essence of the word.

All the words published have been stored in the glossary of our website where they are available as in the blog.

Many of these words are acronyms such as many industries, including oil and gas, love to use them to simplify the communication – between experts only – but require some clarifications for the others.

These words cover all kind of topics, technology, chemical, legal, business, and are selected as they should be well known by people active in the oil and gas and petrochemical sector.

After months of publication of these words we believe to have reached a point where additional word presented in this category of the blog might be related to so specific areas that they may not have interest for the majority of our readers.

So from now we shall continue to publish One day – One Word but case by case at your request or when we see new technologies or new practices and regulations introducing new words calling for explanations.

One day – One Company

Instead we create the new category “One day – One Company” we propose you to publish every day a short description of a company having a key role in the oil and gas and petrochemical industry.

Our focus will be on the:

 – End users as they initiate the new projects, decide on the technical requirements and vendors lists, own and operate the facilities

 – Engineering companies and contractors as they design, procure, construct, provide services to the End users and therefore play a centric role in the projects supply chains.

Of course the Top 20 of these companies is well known but the oil and gas and petrochemical industry is not limited to these ones.

The development of the emerging countries in Asia, South America or in Central Europe is favoring the shining of new comers changing the name of the game in the oil and gas and petrochemical sector. 

For examples, shale gas and local content obligations in some countries have contributed to the emergence of these new players.

Therefore we have decided to create this new category in the blog, so called “One day – One Company” where shall present you every day “One Company in brief“.

In “One day – One Company” you will find the most important information to know about this company supported by key facts and figures and the key projects where it is involved.

One day – One Company” will be integrated in the agenda of the daily Newsletter

2B1st Consulting is business oriented, we propose you these information such as we would like to find them to see beyond and move first.

Good reading.

For more information and data about oil and gas and petrochemical projects go to Project Smart Explorer


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