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LNG market will be multiplied by 5 in 2018

Already more than double the 2017 business

Project Smart Explorer LogoFrom the numbers we collected at the end of June, the LNG market has already awarded in 2018 twice more business than the entire 2017 year.

At the beginging of the year our market analysis was already promising a boom for 2018 and the figures extracted from data base are confirming this trend.

Tracing the 1000 projects most active projects in the world, we have already identified three times more EPC contract awarded for LNG at this point of the year than the whole 2017 year.

The following graph is showing the volume of LNG business related to projects already awarded, for Centrifugal pumps:

Pump pipeline awarded LNG

These numbers represent actual business awarded and no longer forecast. The figures of 2018 and 2019 are already more than three times higher than the year 2017, meaning we are witnessing a major rebound of the LNG market.

We choosed for our demonstration centrifugal pump as example of the market dynamic because this equipement is used for every projects of Upstream, Midstream and Downstream, thus is a relevant indicator for the Oil & Gas and Petrochemical industry. Other equipment could be use for this illustration and will lead to the same conclusion.

Homogeneous distribution of the market

While the Oil & Gas sector is clearly booming in 2018 thanks to the NOCs and Independents impulse, this market shift is less effective for LNG plants.

The disk graph shows the business oppotunities repartition in KUSD for LNG plant following the operator status:

IOC NOC Independant LNGEven if they seem to be losing influence on the overall market, IOCs are maintaining their status on the LNG market showing a strategic interest.

Scope and evaluation of LNG rebound

2018 has already been very dynamic and 2019 is expected to be on the same trajectory. To put figures on trends, we extract the business pipeline from the smart data tool for the coming years.

Pump pipeline LNG

The barre-graph is showing year by year the amont of business opportunities listed in for LNG plant. Compared to 2017, the market is expected to be multiplied by 5 in 2018 strenghening  the figures we previously commented. In addition, years 2019 and 2020 are already at comparable levels confirming that this trend should continue until 2020 at least.

One will understand the favorable circumstances LNG represents, still it is necessary to be able to identfy these opportunities. Indeed, the number of projects is greater but most importantly, these projects are smaller and shorter requiring more flexibility to capture.

To hope benefit from the growth of LNG market, it becomes necessary to reorganize and target the right project with the right timing. The market rebound requires organizations to see beyond and move first.

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