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KNPC to tender Mina al-Ahmadi sulphur handling facilities project

KNPC to award sulfur handling EPC contract in 2013

On October 14, 2012, the Kuwait National Petroleum Company (KNPC) kicked off the bidding process for the Mina al-Ahmadi (MAA) Sulphur Handling Facilities (Revamp and new) Project (SHFP).

Located 45 kilometers away from Kuwait City, this sulfur handling project belongs to the Mina al-Ahmandi refinery upgrade and revamping program.

In September 2011, KNPC had pre-qualified 10 engineering companies for the engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contract of this MAA Sulfur Handling project.

In November 2011, these engineering companies were invited to formally express their interest for the EPC contract of this project.

In October 2012, KNPC initiates the tendering process for these pre-qualified companies in giving them 14 days to withdraw the formal pre-qualification documents and submit their $1.9 million bid bond.

In November 2012, KNPC will hold a pre-tendering meeting.

Then KNPC is planning to award this EPC contract on a lump sum turnkey basis on last quarter 2013.

The Mina al-Ahmadi sulfur handling project comprises the revamping of existing utilities and the construction of new facilities.

The Minal al-Ahmadi revamping and upgrading work of the EPC contract will apply to the:

 – Existing granulators

 – Belt conveyor system between the granulator station and the existing stockyards RMP & FUP up to a loading capacity of 162 t/h

 – Stackers up to a loading capacity of 162 t/h

 – Reclaimers up to a handling capacity of 400 t/h

 – Belt conveyor system between the stockyards and the existing ship loader up to a capacity of 400 t/h

 – Ship loader to 400 t/h

 – Truck loading station

 – De-dusting plants

 – Instrumentation, safety devices and firefighting system

On the new-build par of the Mina al-Ahmadi project, the EPC contract covers:

 – Four new Liquid Sulphur Storage Tanks (4 x 4783 MT)

 – Four new liquid sulhur feed Pumps (4 x 165 M t/h)

 – Five additional granulator units and integration with the existing units

 – Belt conveyor system to the new longitudinal stockyard

 – Covered longitudinal stockyard for solid sulphur (145,000 MT)

 – Stacking machine (300 t/h) 

 – Reclaiming machine (1500 t/h)

 – Belt conveyor system to the new ship loader (1500 t/h)

 – Independent Solid Sulphur Pier for 60,000 DWT ships (Off-Shore work)

 – Ship Loader (1500 t/h)

 – Dust suppression system to avoid dust emissions in the plant and port

 – State of the art Instrumentation, communication, safety, fire detection and firefighting system

KNPC qualified ten engineering companies for the EPC

KNPC intends with this Mina al-Ahmadi sulphur handling facilities projects to expand capacities to 9,000 t/y and to enhanced hydrocarbon products specifications.

In addition to cater the sulfur from its three refineries Minal al-Ahamdi (MAA), Mina abdullah (MAB) and Shuaiba (SHU), KNPC is expecting to use these facilities for the other affiliate companies of Kuwait Petroleum Company (KPC).

In September 2011, the front end engineering and design (FEED) of the project was completed by the German engineering company ThyssenKrupp Uhde.

After the pre-qualification process initiated in 2011, KNPC expects all the ten engineering companies to submit an offer:

 – Consolidated Contractors Company (CCC) from Greece

 – Daelim Industrial from South Korea

 – Daewoo from South Korea

 – GS Engineering and Construction from South Korea

 – Hyundai Engineering and Construction from South Korea

 – Hyundai Heavy Industries from South Korea

 – Petrofac from UK

 – Saipem from Italy

 – Samsung Engineering from South Korea

 – SK Engineering and Construction from South Korea

From the FEED work provided by ThyssenKrupp Uhde, KNPC estimates the Mina al-Ahmadi sulfur handling facilities project around $700 million of capital expenditure and 36 months for construction to start operations in 2016

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