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Digitization or Digitalization: make the difference!


Digitization is the conversion of any type of information from an analog format (text, sound, picture, video, etc.) to a digital format. Once digitized, the information is available to be proceeded or stored by electronic devices. For example, a scanner digitizes documents.

Digitalization is for an entity the use of digital technology to proceed tasks. Organizations digitalize their activities to develop new services and become more productive. For example, emailing is the digitalization of the mail service.


Digitization or digitalizationThese two terms, not to be confused, refer to different stages of the digital transformation.
Where digitization will always be the first required step to enter the digital world, the digitalization is an already advanced stage of the digital transformation.


Companies are now integrating digital technologies in all the aspect of their business to increase their productivity and be the source of new business opportunities, but many entities struggle to achieve their expectations.

In fact, by presenting digital technology as the innovation itself, and not using technologies as a mean to support the real innovation of their activities, some companies fail to deliver the added value promised by their digital transformation.

To be really efficient, the digital transformation requires a framework for companies to guide their effort into creating real value from their initiatives and overpass the “wahoo effect”.
To do so, the most effective way is to adopt a tool able to transform your use case into value creation like


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